IP Address Blog Updates for November 15, 2011

Samsung backs off threat to have iPhone 4S banned in Korea http://bit.ly/uH0Tam

RIAA wants ReDigi out of the business of selling “used” iTunes tracks bit.ly/vp0d3m

F-Secure finds rare digitally signed malware cnet.co/uFImdT

Mobile app helps clean up your Facebook image cnet.co/rMZgFd

Warner Bros. denies abusing DMCA in Hotfile case cnet.co/uRK6CL

DOJ: Lying on Match.com needs to be a crime cnet.co/sqkIWS

Phonedog Sues Ex-Employee For His Twitter Account, Valuing His Followers At $2.50 Each onforb.es/rZBVnl

Samsung Wins Early Australia Case on Apple Claim bloom.bg/sqWBvs

Australia court to hear Samsung-Apple case in March reut.rs/tIdaWX

Apple & Samsung are parties in at least 20 IP lawsuits against one another in 12 courts in 9 countries on 4 continents http://bit.ly/s64mCv (last para)

RT @copyrightgirl: Brilliant test to discover whether you are an accidental outlaw in the online world http://bit.ly/uGjxaT

RT @GlobeTechnology: Aussie court to hear Samsung plea for iPhone 4S ban: tgam.ca/DFJw

Naming Names: Rushdie Wins Facebook Fight nyti.ms/t82KYV

Google offers rare glimpse into search ranking bit.ly/ufr2kh

Canada puts up $477-million to foil cyber attacks natpo.st/vrgUQx

Why one should calendar domain name renewals | Federal website promoting Canadian flight anniversary now advertising prostitutes http://natpo.st/shM9Db

GM’s concerns over transfer of its intellectual property could scuttle Saab sale bit.ly/tnThsq


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