IP Address Blog Updates for November 17, 2011

Intellectual property news on Samsung, USPTO, Kraft, Abercrombie, BAT, Makeba http://bloom.bg/uub0eU

70% of Americans have pirated material online ti.me/utDP63

Basis seeks injunction against RIM over its use of BBX reut.rs/sDBW3d

Apple iPad litigation: Samsung says alters tablet design to avoid German sales ban reut.rs/sgkDds

New Apple Patent Hints at MacBook-Tablet Hybrid bit.ly/ttBRGZ

Spike in Mobile Lawsuits Spurs Changes in Courts, Business Models bit.ly/v0NMgz

The US Stop Online Piracy Act: A Primer bit.ly/t5O6Kk

Look out! Here comes Apple’s killer location-services patent cnet.co/w52Nlf

Google launches music service reut.rs/ufMd6E

Rambus loses antitrust lawsuit, shares plunge reut.rs/rTUhOk

Google argues against U.S. online piracy bill reut.rs/w5hlVY

Ex-U.S. admiral raises cash for cyber security firm reut.rs/sS3YgI


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