IP Address Blog Updates for November 21, 2011

Bill Gates to testify in $1-billion WordPerfect antitrust lawsuit http://bit.ly/ux1yRA

Canada, like Steve Jobs, should zero in on innovation bit.ly/u9dCxt

Quebec targets multinationals in French language visibility campaign: bit.ly/rEwprv (via @WTRmagazine)

Facebook Continues to be Criticized for Over-Sharing bit.ly/vQ5kYC

iPhones with airbags? Could be, patent hints cnet.co/sL0w9f

Think You’re Anonymous? Google Analytics May Prove Different rww.to/vp3eCL

Apple Sues Amazon Over ‘App Store’ Name bit.ly/soZpsu

Google Filed Patents For Android Pattern Unlock And Gesture-Based Controls tcrn.ch/tctCjh

Canada | How far should we let the law follow digital footprints? bit.ly/uEsUsQ

U.S. Seeks Intellectual Rights Protection, Exports in China Trade Talks bloom.bg/tvmUxl

Publisher Drops Copyright Claim, Favors Fair Use bit.ly/sJHXF4

U.S. probes cyber attack on water system reut.rs/t6OZjL

Mobile Malware Epidemic Looms bit.ly/tkPPvA

Intellectual property news on Apple, Glaxo, Nanya, Hynix, Harvard bloom.bg/tBjXTb

WTO panel favours Canada, Mexico on U.S. label rules bit.ly/uLyDvW

200+ Labels Withdraw Their Music From Spotify: Are Its Fortunes Unravelling? bit.ly/s7aZvR

Lawsuit claims Grooveshark workers posted 100,000 pirated songs cnet.co/rx9krO

Oracle Says H-P and Intel Secretly Propped Up Dead Chip on.wsj.com/v1qgzL

What They Don’t Teach Law Students: Lawyering nyti.ms/vWEdwP

US | Recap of US government bills on bills affecting the fashion industry – including counterfeiting, trade and intellectual property bit.ly/sBbLJF (via @FashionCloture)


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