IP Address Blog Updates for November 23, 2011

Dec 1 Licensing Executives Society Toronto Chapter event gives the inside scoop on the Nortel patent auction: http://bit.ly/vSSRPN

Canada | Social media 101: Feds roll out guidelines for Twitter, Facebook bit.ly/vGEIxX

Facebook complaints: Companies are asleep at the wheel bit.ly/rYE1sT

Tech wrap: Is intellectual property being used to restrict competition? reut.rs/tFCTjr

Android under attack natpo.st/vgJ9H4

Merck KGaA Suit Accuses U.S. Counterpart of Taking Over Its Facebook Page bloom.bg/vgYZlQ

Tired Of Facebook? Try Facedrink Energy Shot Before Zuck Sues tcrn.ch/rIDmr7

Bill Gates questioned in Novell monopoly case natpo.st/rtcnlq

The Day the Music Died: Why Labels Are Abandoning Streaming Music Services ti.me/tSZEXh

Canada | Information czar has ‘major concerns’ with destruction of gun-registry data bit.ly/tw4wrQ

U.S. Intelligence Will Train Super-Sleuths With Videogames bit.ly/vLffLi

EU regulator “concerned” over cellphone patents war reut.rs/rHi4iw

DHS denies report of water utility hack cnet.co/uAuWhG

Intellectual property news on Impax, Vivid, Alamo, Baidu, Netflix, DoubleLine bloom.bg/u2bbE3

Could iTunes Be Used To Spy On You? bit.ly/sTS89e

IT lawsuits a ‘roll-the-dice’ move bit.ly/ud2fxE

HTC Loss to Apple on Patents Casts Doubt on S3 Graphics Buy bloom.bg/u29cIi

Grooveshark slams Universal’s copyright lawsuit cnet.co/sO5BX0

Top 25 most-hacked passwords revealed bit.ly/spyd2T


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