IP Address Blog Updates for November 30, 2011

Dispute between the Maple Leafs and Ryerson University over naming of Maple Leaf Gardens may settle http://bit.ly/s2SVmm (para 10)

Canada’s Treasury Board President Clement pushes Twitter integration in redesign of government websites bit.ly/rwNWlu

Facebook bans at work linked to increased security breaches bit.ly/uafnIK

Shazam Reacquires Its Audio-Recognition Intellectual Property tcrn.ch/vY9S7K

Amazon to Congress: No, Silk won’t invade people’s privacy bit.ly/uBMA7M

EU aims to help consumers resolve trader disputes out of court (and why that matters) bit.ly/uUCg8c

Apple wins patent for intelligent dock connector cnet.co/sq78J6

Researcher’s Video Shows Secret Software on Millions of Phones Logging Everything bit.ly/vgsbk3

New Android malware targets Canadians natpo.st/uJX7YM

FDA to Appeal Judge’s Order Blocking Graphic Cigarette Package Warnings bloom.bg/sskcvA

Samsung wins appeal on Galaxy tab ban in Australia reut.rs/vqngMU

US | Attorney General unveils new piracy awareness campaign reut.rs/rTP4X300

In Response To FTC Privacy Settlement, Facebook Splits The Chief Privacy Officer Role In Two tcrn.ch/veURDh

Hulu reportedly working on expansion to Germany bit.ly/v368qd

A Proposal for E.U.-Wide Data Protection Regulation nyti.ms/tCFRQl

Alberta | A licence to collect: Leon’s court ruling has national implications on privacy natpo.st/uNOdWM

Rise in intellectual property is changing the face of innovation bit.ly/rN9zNR

Inventing the way to market dominance | Apple Has the Most Powerful Patent Portfolio in Consumer Electronics bit.ly/vIU5Ad

US | Facebook settles privacy dispute with FTC bit.ly/usfvFn

US | Government seizes websites accused of selling fake goods reut.rs/uAWS5t

Contracts as hot auction items | Apple’s founding contract to be auctioned off cnet.co/w4qRwd

Tessera Wins Round in Patent Case as Court Rebuffs Qualcomm buswk.co/v2ZbJ2

Facebook apologizes for Merck homepage mix-up reut.rs/vZyFJL

Canada’s Trade-marks Office updates its Wares and Services Manual again; focus includes nutrition supplements, Internet & computer software http://www.cipo.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/cipointernet-internetopic.nsf/eng/wr03348.html


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