IP Address Blog Updates for December 2, 2011

RIP Napster–again http://cnet.co/uofjpJ

Carrier IQ tracking iPhone customers too, hacker says cnet.co/rJj2iV

British Secret Service Creates Website to Recruit Self-Taught Hackers ti.me/sOWY4i

Now Every Company Is A Software Company onforb.es/rwdVJ6

Groupon Advertising Practices Are Being Probed by U.K. Antitrust Regulator bloom.bg/rOgpes

Intellectual property news on Apple, Maharishi, Frontier Scientific bloom.bg/rKY8os

Australia court extends Samsung Galaxy Tab sales ban reut.rs/vnAELJ

Insight: Apple vs Samsung lawsuit full of secret combat reut.rs/vhOKPG

European E-Book Sales Hampered by Tax Structurehttp://nyti.ms/v6XrRp

Researcher shows how to “friend” anyone on Facebook within 24 hours bit.ly/vErBaW

Hot Canadian web searches of 2011: Loonie, RIM, William & Kate bit.ly/sYr5dR

Europe Proposes New Conditions on Research and Development nyti.ms/ukvjVG

McDonald’s finds way around San Fran toy ban bit.ly/rJ9OyL

Court weighs trademark on Maker’s Mark wax seal – bit.ly/sJa827

Concerned About Facebook Privacy? Drink Up bit.ly/tXsgpy

Canadian telcos, RIM deny using controversial Carrier IQ mobile tracking software bit.ly/rPR9d6

Trademark wars heat up. Be ready. cnnmon.ie/tMHR6m

When you hear the name Pixar, do you think of oil? bit.ly/t2tw23

When Facebook Gets You Fired on.wsj.com/tc1Q85

Useful for figuring out if photo evidence is doctored? | Photoshopped or Not? A Tool to Tell nyti.ms/rHW6fG

Sports Brands | Maple Leafs most valuable team in NHL: Forbes bit.ly/tOXdDr


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