IP Address Blog Updates for December 5, 2011

Apple licensed iOS scrolling patent to Nokia and IBM icenses to Samsung http://enlyton.me/fyg (via @ipwire)

Piracy legislation pits Hollywood against Silicon Valley http://lat.ms/tZD9qV (via @HofferAdler)

Samsung Denies Korean Smartphone Data Collection – reut.rs/vvUnFb

Philly photographer sues Comcast Corp. for copyright infringement bit.ly/sRAQxp (via @bsookman)

What does Carrier IQ do on my phone–and should I care? (FAQ) cnet.co/vqHlK2

Research Affiliates Sues Steinhardt’s WisdomTree Over Portfolio Patents bloom.bg/uRx2Ny

Feathers fly as judge accuses counsel of ‘ostrich-like’ lawyering natpo.st/ubJ7x5

Samsung And HTC Hit By Wiretapping Lawsuit Over Tracking Software bit.ly/ruclIm

U.S. congressman calls for privacy rights probe of controversial Carrier IQ bit.ly/rqvtDv

Apple Questioned by German Data Regulator About Carrier IQ Software Piracy bloom.bg/tPxdVP

Secret patent war: Apple vs. Samsung case kept under seal bit.ly/vjMrrk

Apple Loses Bid for Order in Effort to Block Samsung Galaxy bloom.bg/sVGTxN

AT&T, Sprint Sued by Customers Over Carrier IQ Tracking Software bloom.bg/sNofjr

FCC to probe San Francisco subway cell phone “interruption” policy bit.ly/tLfk4n

Oracle Accuses HP of False Advertising in Revised Suit Over Intel Itanium bloom.bg/vZ3InE

Op Ed | Canadians should calm down about Carrier IQ natpo.st/uUo5Nl

Android bloatware results in serious security flaws bit.ly/ruN637

U.S. invokes Cold War powers in hunt for Chinese telecom spyware natpo.st/uLlYNM

That Smarts-Phone War Swings Against Apple on.wsj.com/uFjt7K

Some big copyright issues facing the Canadian Supreme Court this week, including some music stuff. bit.ly/uogG1M (via @alancross)

Samsung up after Apple bid to ban Galaxy sales rejected reut.rs/trtD9M (via @ReutersTech)

South Korea: Where investing in innovation is crucial bit.ly/uGvBBI

An Australian solution to counterfeit money | Funny money: How counterfeiting led to a major overhaul of Canada’s money bit.ly/s20Pec


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