IP Address Blog Updates for December 9, 2011

Apple Loses Big Against Motorola In Germany bit.ly/uYA5E6

HP sued over security flaw in printers http://cnet.co/sM65Vi

UK Cracks Down on Claims Industry SMS Spam bit.ly/seuK4Q

Facebook Flaw Exposes Myth of Online Privacy bit.ly/tQXr4K

Facebook Hits Back Over Timelines Lawsuit bit.ly/toCVrP

Four Charged With Hacking Point-of-sale Computers bit.ly/u2ufPr

US | Feds Launch Cloud Security Standards Program bit.ly/uEBxM1

UK Police Arrest Six in Student Loan Phishing Scam bit.ly/sTzZyP

New Apple Patent Describes Kinect-Style Control System tcrn.ch/vGpoXw

PATRIOT Act and privacy laws take a bite out of US cloud business bit.ly/vpqwK7

Blogger not eligible for media shield law, hit with $2.5M judgment bit.ly/vs6ecm

ICE admits year-long seizure of music blog was a mistake bit.ly/sAvCZU

Intellectual property news on Samsung, Teva, Coca-Cola and DC Comics trade-mark loss over SUPERLOANS in New Zealand bloom.bg/sJiepu

Samsung says French court rejects bid to halt iPhone 4S sales reut.rs/uWf9oK

Ban on Samsung tablet sales lifted in Australia bit.ly/uokjj6

Ottawa | Counterfeit software costs businessman bit.ly/uygrRG

Clinton Urges Countries Not to Stifle Online Voices nyti.ms/s83opR

Apple Store openings shrouded in secrecy bit.ly/uBoCgN

Facebook Goes After IsAnyoneUp, The Porn Site That Features Its Users’ Profiles: onforb.es/vUQ8IP

Skype security flaw exposes user locations natpo.st/vneVUX

Cyber attacks threaten global oil supply natpo.st/t2xItj

SCC hears slew of copyright cases natpo.st/rwo4Hb

Coca-Cola moves formula from bank to vault at museum bit.ly/tE07Mk

Why you should never write back to spammers bit.ly/tQEZpv

Toronto | Privacy watchdog queries Ford’s penchant for secrecy bit.ly/vnLvi6

Can You Identify These Brands Without Seeing Their Names Or Logos? bit.ly/t5Brwl

Canada | Did Twitter steal Ontario’s slogan? bit.ly/uNT5KN

Canada | Arbitration plan upgraded to include diagnostic costs for faulty vehicles bit.ly/tZ0daQ


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