IP Address Blog Updates for December 12, 2011

Canada -US border harmonization may mean consumer goods in N America can have same size, product names, additives http://bit.ly/vtvZxW

Wi-LAN buys digital-TV patents for $8-million bit.ly/v0ceX9

US | New Internet Law Limits Consumer Choices nyti.ms/tTBmwt

The marketing of GORILLA GLASS | How Corning marketed a product no one really sees bit.ly/rvqXuZ

Find out if someone’s logging in to your Facebook account bit.ly/trwU0i

Colleges rush to buy .xxx domains to block porn and protect brands bit.ly/rr3GUw

Apple forced to deal with patent troll? cnet.co/t9Xh2I

Notes from an FTC panel discussion on facial recognition technology bit.ly/tnpO0a

Senator Wants Answers from DHS Over Domain Name Seizures bit.ly/ufsrJ4

Call of Duty to be made more humane? natpo.st/vaF38Y

Bill C-311 in its current form would allow individuals to import ltd amounts of wine between provinces for personal use bit.ly/v1qxio

Canada | 2nd reading of Bill C-311 An Act to Amend the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act bit.ly/v1qxio

Mining Social Network Sites for Evidence in Litigation bit.ly/vPfraa


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