IP Address Blog Updates for December 13, 2011

Branding | What Does “W” Mean to You? http://bit.ly/s422hh

Google Wallet stores too much unencrypted data in a rooted device–report cnet.co/stMAqQ

Museum of Fakes: German Gallery Showcases Best Knockoffs bit.ly/ss2yOS

Oxford University fights to protect its NEW COLLEGE trade-mark bbc.in/tgYFiM

Android Market Apps Pulled Due to SMS Fraud bit.ly/szEhZ6

Google Acquisition of Motorola Delayed in Europe nyti.ms/sshZCH

Bell’s exclusive NHL/NFL deals off-side, says regulator bit.ly/uFglR3

Intellectual property news on Samsung, Motorola Mobility, Cordon Bleu, Discovery bloom.bg/uDhZir

A dozen Chinese hacker gangs behind most U.S. data theft: report bit.ly/w4kgP1

Law360: Samsung Exits Suit Over Printer Link Patents bit.ly/sHr8fE

Ontario | Restaurateurs put LCBO’s fixed pricing on the table bit.ly/vBq4wi


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