IP Address Blog Updates for December 14, 2011

Huffington Post.xxx. Could It Happen to You Too? http://onforb.es/s3xExB

Yahoo Denies Infringing Singapore Press Holdings’ Copyright, Countersues bloom.bg/vf8aC5

KISS’s Gene Simmons Was Victim of Web Site Hacking by Anonymous, U.S. Says bloom.bg/vI8hKF

Jury Awards MPEG LA Damages in Breach of Contract Lawsuit against Audiovox natpo.st/tHq4BX

Intellectual property news on Mylan, CPC Properties, Google, Global Cooling bloom.bg/rCNkVB

China-Based Hacking Shows Global Cyber War bloom.bg/vLlDaz

Google Claims Censorship as Silicon Valley Fights Hollywood on Web Piracy bloom.bg/rUjXoc

HTC says U.S. court postpones ruling on lawsuit vs Apple reut.rs/sylGyC

The Graphic Design of Tech Brands bit.ly/vGuYZO

Carrier IQ opens up about its service, but can it quell the unrest? cnet.co/tCVGAl

Creative Commons ponders ports and database rights for license update bit.ly/tnjgYh

Champagne Sales Bubbling Up on.wsj.com/rIyg7K

The FTC saves Facebook from itself bit.ly/sXDlks

DC Comics Reworks Its Heroes bit.ly/vdpWLm

Megaupload Sues Universal Over ‘Sham’ YouTube Takedown bit.ly/usA4wZ

Apple Founding Document Auctions for (Gulp) $1.6 Million bit.ly/rIuZFz

International groups want off Internet name expansion reut.rs/sIQIsq

INFOGRAPHIC: Nearly one-third of teens have shared a password with a friend – on.mash.to/vRfRUj

Tomorrow @ 9AM ET the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee will discuss #newgTLDs. Read the details here: 1.usa.gov/uqNVIY

China promises crackdown on fake goods bit.ly/vI5DBz


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