IP Address Blog Updates for December 15, 2011

Canadian census fastest rising Google search term of 2011 http://natpo.st/v0I5L2

California unveils new unit to fight cybercrime cnet.co/stSWwM

Amazon patent could let it track you… and predict you cnet.co/ujRiyX

Intellectual property news on HTC, Avago, Apple, Shanda, Righthaven bloom.bg/uOBrEy

5 Steps to Protect Your Trademarks in the Web 2.0 World tinyurl.com/46ud7fl

The First Virus… and other not-so-great moments in the history of computer mischief on.wsj.com/qSKqdH

U.S. juror’s tweets blamed in retrial for death row inmate bit.ly/vh7LHQ

Intellectual property news on Apple iPhone patent lawsuit, MGM Resorts, Steelers, Chevron bloom.bg/ufRYp6

Google Founder Attacks Piracy Bill Set for House Panel Vote bloom.bg/soc9w4

Google sued by former Formula One head Mosley over sex party searches bit.ly/u4Qaut

Lines Are Drawn on Legislation Against Internet Piracy nyti.ms/s0aUFg

Canadian Wine Shipping Reform Bill Passes Second Reading wp.me/piqLs-hO

New Canadian Trade-marks Office Practice Notice on prohibited marks and the trade-marks database bit.ly/us1zEX


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