IP Address Blog Updates for December 16, 2011

“The Public-Private Distinction Does Not Work Anymore” http://bit.ly/tOGRb2

Judge gives Universal Music 24 hours to explain takedown spree bit.ly/vbtasl

Will U.S. Businesses Finally Get Some Cybersecurity? on.wsj.com/ssTxt4

GlobalSign: Breach confirmed, SSL certificates not compromised zd.net/rrZZTJ

Judge Dismisses Twitter Stalking Case nyti.ms/sePqiX

US | SOPA copyright bill draws fire cnet.co/rZiyBM

Look Ma, no hands! Google lands patent for robot car cnet.co/sPBR83

Kors I.P.O. Makes Its Debut in Style nyti.ms/uoozdC

SOPA votes derailed by politician’s ‘offensive’ tweet cnet.co/vuExRL

China-Based Hacking of 760 Companies Shows Global Cyber War buswk.co/rvXOh8

Trademark Case of the Beer Elves Settled Before Holidays bit.ly/ryzHFl

Trademark Checklist for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans bit.ly/rukNGx

Microsoft v. Motorola: three Munich hearings in a row, second hearings scheduled for March and April bit.ly/svg8Xh

Hollywood Docket: Music Labels vs. Grooveshark; FCC Targets Loud Commercials; Ryan Gosling Law School j.mp/uAWLyp


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