IP Address Blog Updates for December 20, 2011

Samsung Files New Claims Against Apple In Germany http://on.wsj.com/taA6F0

ITC rules on Apple v. HTC | Apple Wins Partial Victory on Smartphone Patent Claim nyti.ms/uT8kOw

Senate will vote next month on Protect IP copyright bill cnet.co/rKjkNd

Why hardware is the new software bit.ly/sj3LcX

Privacy laws and your small business natpo.st/sXaoSK

Red Bull Loses Trademark Fight in Europe bit.ly/shVWDF

Licensing | Lego locks in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ deals cnet.co/sAn3os

Kodak patent infringement litigation | Arbiter delays $1 billion claim against RIM, Apple bit.ly/uhsC5z

BCE to stop throttling heavy Internet users natpo.st/sLdrps

British Telecom sues Google on multiple patent breaches bit.ly/ukejYp

A hot trade-mark battle: NANDO’S vs. NDINOS bit.ly/vPE97x

Grooming the Eagle Image at Wolf Blass linkd.in/w4TL1w

Mystery surrounds Universal’s takedown of Megaupload YouTube video cnet.co/vLl8yu

Social media sites may face new challenge in India and elsewhere bit.ly/v4VVBA

Digital private eye monitors social media bit.ly/t9DNWQ

Why The Best Brands Eventually Leave Their Names Behind bit.ly/sykcYF

EU pushes rules for data cloud privacy bit.ly/v9jQOo

Property theft on the Web is no less wrong wapo.st/tfaXWU

Merde! Chinese Wines Did What To French Wines? bit.ly/vCYHlr

Georgia: Trademark Travails Hamper Tbilisi’s Wine Export Aspirations bit.ly/tf3s9T

Copyright reform – the UK proposals bit.ly/vjbSKf via @ipkat and @IrishPatentGuy

Potential right of publicity violation? | Facebook Lawsuit Against Ads ‘Liked’ by Friends Can Proceed, Judge Rules bloom.bg/s41RBA

US Moves Toward Banning Photoshop In Cosmetics Ads read.bi/tDaqTb

Digital Data on Patients Raises Risk of Breaches nyti.ms/saHfpW

Canada | Fess up on fees in ads, Ottawa tells airlines bit.ly/tb47gm

Trademark filings continue to follow pop culture: Tim Tebow mania bit.ly/uZyFM8


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