IP Address Blog Updates for December 21, 2011

Baidu Removed From U.S. Piracy List http://bloom.bg/s9Tbeu

Intellectual property news on Google, Sprint, Juniper, Smith & Nephew, Broadcom bloom.bg/rM0fDL

The Legal Case You’ve Been Waiting For? Mark Zuckerberg Vs. Mark Zuckerberg ti.me/vHsVT4

Lady Gaga fans hit by hack on Twitter and Facebook bbc.in/vO1ye9

Appeals Court reaffirms DMCA protection for user-generated content bit.ly/w3qQBm

Sprint sues cable companies for alleged patent infringement cnet.co/vCDZ6L

Anonymous Responds to SOPA: We’ll Deface The Internet In Protest tnw.co/vfNJ5s

Beer culture natpo.st/svwHKR

Apple wins patent for starting, switching applications during phone calls cnet.co/urLPum

After Years Of Patent Litigation, Nuance Acquires Vlingo tcrn.ch/vasiVQ

Snooki’s Former Licensing Company Is Suing Her For $7 Million read.bi/vDzG1e

Defendant asks US Marshals to drag Righthaven principals to court bit.ly/ruZC19

Apple EU Design May Lose Reach in Samsung Case Over Tablets, Court Says bloom.bg/tsV7yh

Internet Poker Operator Admits Deceit nyti.ms/rwIOPr

HTC responds to ITC ruling, says it has a solution ready to address Apple patent violations bit.ly/vQcWaf

RIAA ‘Report card’ Gives Google Low Marks For Anti-Piracy Efforts bit.ly/uskf5h

BitTorrent downloads linked to RIAA, DHS IP addresses cnet.co/uGUc9l

Google Faces Setback in Smartphone Push as Android Patent Rulings Roll In bloom.bg/t3WcgG

HTC Patent Tweak Seen as Too Little in Phone War bloom.bg/tU0doA

Microsoft Wins Ruling Over Android Phones bloom.bg/s5azCU


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