IP Address Blog Updates for December 23, 2011

Can 17,000 patents help Android win a legal Cold War? http://bit.ly/sfnNfw

US | Lawmakers Urge Action on Hacking on.wsj.com/s8FUr1

Spies Fail to Escape Spyware in $5 Billion Bazaar for Cyber Arms bloom.bg/uiYYk9

Canada | Statute requiring mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by internet service providers now law bit.ly/sS3J82

GoDaddy Faces boycott over SOPA support bit.ly/tFd8XA

Modified German Galaxy Tab 10.1N passes legal muster in German court bit.ly/rZyfgA

Cocktail trucks are a new hospitality trend in the US. But barred by current Canadian alcohol laws bit.ly/tFHSo9 (3rd story)

Canada | What stops governments from ignoring FOI requests? bit.ly/t7gWqX

RCMP seizes fake Monster, Fox Racing, Harley-Davidson, Ford, John Deer, Betty Boop, New Era, Disney, Playboy products bit.ly/uvExaA

Rambus signs patent licensing deal with Broadcom reut.rs/rPHJsu

Apple fuel cell patent applications envision ‘weeks without refueling’ cnet.co/rKZHAv

Sporting Life cuts a new retail trail bit.ly/uNwGkc

Patents suggest ‘indoor location’ the next mobile maps battleground bit.ly/vpSqGD

Derek Lam Accuses Ivanka Trump of Copying Shoe Design bit.ly/tohFwg


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