IP Address Blog Updates for January 3, 2012

Douglas Hannant Suggests Jason Wu Copied His Dress Design http://bit.ly/rqE9gw

Battle of the Red Soles | YSL Files Response in Louboutin Appeal bit.ly/slg0EA (subscription required)

Let’s Talk About Your Company’s Trade Secrets onforb.es/v08xvW

China Issues Rules on Web Competition on.wsj.com/tIg15R

iOS developers go into 2012 still battling patent troll Lodsys bit.ly/u6LwDE

Secret subpoena aimed at Twitter user not so secret anymore cnet.co/tMy2DJ

Amazon Accused of Extortion, Patent Infringement and More in New Lawsuit ti.me/tmDp07

Apple slowly gaining patents to fight its war of attrition with Android bit.ly/sKaD2X

Man tries to Facebook friend defendant, removed from jury cnet.co/sd7AQN

Hackers and data thieves set sights on mobile market bit.ly/tfg1aE

Heineken connects global creative talent to design anniversary bottle bit.ly/s9CYwN

Starbucks Loses Lawsuit Over NH Roaster’s ‘Charbucks’ bit.ly/v6zweN

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Here’s Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Champagne read.bi/ucj4NF

Article on the Richard Prince art copyright lawsuit | Apropos Appropriation nyti.ms/tGEkRe

Hackers say they released data from Stratfor breach: 860,000 e-mail addresses and 75,000 credit card numbers. cnet.co/siMZtF

A Quick Look at Logo Redesigns in 2011 bit.ly/uizWGK

Lawsuit over Barbie doll likeness settled bit.ly/ugIAar

Can A Company Keep An Employee’s LinkedIn Account After They’re No Longer Employed? dlvr.it/12pGk0

India Tells Fake Scotch Whisky to Stop Using Glen Imagery on.wsj.com/t2RNXq

Finding the Cleanup Crew After a Messy Hack Attack nyti.ms/s56ZlS

Superhero Showdown! Marvel Wins Dispute Over Copy Rights To Ghost Rider. on.wsj.com/vFr1ij

Cheesed off Stilton residents fight for the right to sell Stilton cheese bit.ly/t4z7M1

Hackers — “Diddling the public” since 1903 …. (New Scientist on Marconi hack in London theatre) bit.ly/vQ8dHJ

How Tweeting Can Get You Fired bit.ly/rxLeUm

Police fight back against tweets that reveal RIDE checkpoints bit.ly/uB3got

Ottawa cautiously calculating when and how to dive into social media bit.ly/vlyVnn

The most pirated TV shows of 2011 bit.ly/tanTo0

India’s wineries seek to change the taste of millions bit.ly/vxxqX8

Lax Security Exposes Voice Mail to Hacking, Study Says nyti.ms/taN0df

Hackers Breach the Web Site of Stratfor Global Intelligence nyti.ms/rS7n6V

US | A Dispute Over Who Owns a Twitter Account Goes to Court nyti.ms/tKNcjJ

Delayed iPhone 5 release: Steve Jobs’s death commemoration, hardware redesign or Samsung’s patent dispute? bit.ly/uA8RxR

Anonymous claims hack on security think tank cnet.co/rPIrzf

Bourbon’s All-American Roar nyti.ms/s6XWJX

Rolex sues Rolex deli in NY for trademark infringement. http://huff.to/rLeEls

Heineken Enlists Dos Equis to Win Back U.S. bloom.bg/vd2Snh

Sapporo Favors Vietnam Over China as Tropical Beer-Guzzling Grows: Retail bloom.bg/uq05v6

US ICE, Mexico law enforcement seize $76 million in fake merchandise in Operation Holiday Hoax bit.ly/tacAq6

RIM asks court to dismiss BBM trademark lawsuit bit.ly/uQExPX

Warner Bros. Sued by Louis Vuitton Over ‘Hangover II’ Handbag bit.ly/rsQAKM


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