IP Address Blog Updates for January 6, 2012

Creepy Steve Jobs Doll Nixed by Apple Lawyers http://bit.ly/zbhUFf

Sir James Dyson: China Stalls IP Reform at Its Own Peril bit.ly/Ad10Gt

Hackers Threaten to Post Source Code for Symantec Product nyti.ms/zTthIt

Ottawa prepares to launch anti-spam centre natpo.st/xUSjgT

One Man’s Fight With Google Over a Security Warning nyti.ms/zER3Up

Digital music service Grooveshark sued by EMI reut.rs/yyS9eI

Full Album Sales Showed a Little Growth in 2011 nyti.ms/y1Clyn

Apple patent application details password-protecting power adapters cnet.co/wW7tX0

ICANN pushes ahead with January 12 launch for new top-level domains bit.ly/xvNaQJ

ICANN brushes off criticism of plan to expand Internet domains bit.ly/zOjjCM

This Exec Was Forced Out Of His Job For Uploading His CV Onto LinkedIn read.bi/xF3Oh1

‘Ramnit’ malware targets Facebook, steals 45,000 passwords natpo.st/wf17xd

Apple and Elan settle touch patent dispute to the tune of $5 million bit.ly/wvBvUR

First scent mark registered in Argentina bit.ly/zUZUof

Which authors’ works enter the public domain this month? A worldwide guide cot.ag/yG9Ild

Microsoft gets patent for game console DVR technology bit.ly/yb62te


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