IP Address Blog Updates for January 9, 2012

Chinese authors sue Apple for copyright infringement: report http://reut.rs/xKclz3

Facebook Says Privacy Advocates Should Applaud Timeline, EPIC FTC Probe Unnecessary tcrn.ch/yxh0vY

Infographic: How To Keep Yourself Safe From Facebook Cybercrimes bit.ly/xAA4Vc

Marketing, data & privacy | Big Data is watching you bit.ly/xBxwRr

French court frowns on Google autocomplete, issues $65,000 fine bit.ly/woY1TV

EMI sues MP3 reseller ReDigi cnet.co/yqcn8K

U.S. Ambassador Threatens to ‘Downgrade’ Spain over Online Piracy Laws ti.me/zjJHs9

Symantec Confirms ‘Segment’ of Source Code Was Stolen nyti.ms/z9p3xU

Digital music sales top physical sales cnnmon.ie/xvi8o0

Roseman: Anti-virus scam is epidemic in Canada bit.ly/wKqKWi

Article on Canada’s Bill C-311 | Wine bill would get rid of Prohibition-era trade barrier bit.ly/yRxtOM


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