IP Address Blog Updates for January 16, 2012

The intersection between licensing & tax | http://natpo.st/zRqVyb

Nevada State Bar Investigating Copyright-Troll Righthaven bit.ly/y2v9Gs

Phishers are posing as Facebook security on chat cnet.co/zlG9TZ

You can invest in stocks, bonds, real estate and now . . . lawsuits bit.ly/Aio6Ra

Argument for grocery stores? | Study finds that grocery store sales of wine are associated with lower traffic deaths read.bi/vZbdDU

Dutch court orders block on Pirate Bay website reut.rs/zebXC9

Sean Combs’ company sued over EMPRESS perfume trade-mark bit.ly/xAdA5g

US | Mega Brands sues Lego, seeks invalidation of US trademark for Lego blocks bit.ly/wWd9pw

Delhi Court allows web blocking rules bit.ly/zV08NG

UK student faces extradition on infringement charges bit.ly/yI5lsn

Microsoft Strikes Another Patent Deal With An Android, Chrome OS Device Maker: LG tcrn.ch/ynnX69

In the future, can you remain anonymous? cnnmon.ie/zk6L8R

Kodak sues Fujifilm, alleging patent infringement of digital imaging technology yhoo.it/xERkf0

Ex-Dow Scientist Gets 5-Year Term for Trade Secret Theft bloom.bg/zusbnA

Acacia Buys ADAPTIX (And Its 4G Technology Patents) For $160M tcrn.ch/w3IcmI

Canada | Libraries, archives take centrestage in copyright debate bit.ly/zz2zGd

Viruses stole City College of S.F. data for years bit.ly/z3R8CL

Will US trends show up in Canada? | Wine Sales and Distribution 2012 – A Look Forward (US) bit.ly/wtRh1X

White House criticizes online piracy bill bit.ly/xWPkYV

Apple Loses Ruling in Patent Case Against Motorola Mobility bloom.bg/ypILBG

Hacker says to release full Norton Antivirus code on Tuesday reut.rs/AeYE2A

Interesting discussion- is trademark infringement itself fraud? bit.ly/AifetS via @ lothar97

Bloomberg is reporting that Google+ search has been added to an FTC antitrust probe: bloom.bg/wZzRAC via @nickbilton

Canada | Bloggers, tweeters, rejoice! New law to lift ban on broadcasting early election results bit.ly/AmLG6Q

Change in Ontario liquor law allows hair salons & other businesses to obtain license to serve alcoholic beverages bit.ly/zlkfPP


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