IP Address Blog Updates for January 19, 2012

How Apple keeps its secrets | The secrets Apple keeps http://bit.ly/wkEHV7

Apple-Samsung war rages on with new German lawsuits over 10 phones bit.ly/A3VAUh

Amid patent fight, RIM sues California lawyer for defamation bit.ly/w05t6W

Europe | Against the grain? The General Court pronounces on status of “Basmati” bit.ly/wDta7B via @Ipkat

Zappos, Amazon hit by lawsuit after a hacker attack on the online shoe retailer bit.ly/ADHl0e

Seven tips for protecting personal data online bit.ly/wIUz8H

Spying on cyber crime natpo.st/xvnpwq

Privacy law | Police ‘scrambling’ to justify lawful access laws natpo.st/AEG4CG

Analysis: BlackBerry licensing seen RIM’s likeliest scenario reut.rs/zORgSY

Even Big Companies Cannot Protect Their Data nyti.ms/xUngCH

More on the Kim Kardashian vs. Old Navy model lawsuit | Kim Kardashian’s Reputation On Trial in Old Navy Model Lawsuit bit.ly/yYjZqG

Political support for SOPA fades as protests darken Internet bit.ly/w5x7KL

Ontario Court of Appeal recognizes invasion of privacy as common law tort natpo.st/AgWvBr

What Is SOPA Anyway? A Guide to Understanding the Online Piracy Bill on.wsj.com/yJBGXc

Four reasons why the Web hates the U.S. anti-piracy acts bit.ly/xwrYyl


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