IP Address Blog Updates for January 30, 2012

Beer brand Sam Adams is letting Facebook fans in on the action by letting them create their own brew bit.ly/Auu6X0 via @Interbrand and @adage

Nokia fined in Australia for spam-texting its own customers bit.ly/Ao7tBm

Should celebrities have automatic rights to trademark registrations for their names and their kids’ names? bit.ly/A9Nxld via @Interbrand

University of Hawaii settles class action data breach suit bit.ly/wuV1vV via  @BusInRZolkos

German court rules against Samsung in suit with Apple reut.rs/AvHdDW

In 2012, food and beverage brand will seek growth and differentiation by projecting a sense of optimism and purpose. http://bit.ly/waA6SC via @Interbrand

Canadian Food Inspection Agency seeking comments on wine label reg changes and ice wine standards; deadline is Feb 14 bit.ly/wxmygz

Manage Your Online Reputation: What Your Resume Can’t Hide bit.ly/wFI3kP

NBC cites copyright issues in Romney’s new Gingrich attack ad – The State Column paten.to/wOG6qY via @patesalo_e

EU’s Proposed Data Laws Can Only Produce One Thing: Outsourcing User Data tcrn.ch/ys5f90

Storyboard Podcast: Inside Irish Whiskey with Cooley Distillery bit.ly/ACXhOn

Canadian Food Instruction Agency working on ice wine standard | Vintners try to freeze out faux icewine bit.ly/zU4pBZ

Google on EU privacy plan: Don’t ‘break the Internet’ bit.ly/yMe8ck

Apple eyeing move to ‘programmable magnets’? cnet.co/wBqHQ0

Railroad Association Says Hack Memo Was Inaccurate bit.ly/A6XGtO

Aga Khan wins appeal in copyright case bit.ly/xDPpfH

New Google privacy policy won’t affect Apps for business, government bit.ly/xTErv8

More information officers, less information bit.ly/xPkL3x

Apple’s universal remote patent idea goes beyond TV cnet.co/zWfBI7

Symantec: Anonymous stole source code, users should disable pcAnywhere bit.ly/yicAKW

Google+ pseudonym policy lets Google reject names that aren’t “established” bit.ly/xtzIdI

Curebit Apologizes for Copying 37Signals tcrn.ch/A9vgHF

FTC Calls for Better Transparency, Warns Google About Latest Changes ti.me/zeciLL

Motorola piles on the patent suits, now targets iPhone 4S and iCloud bit.ly/xYTocS

Zooey Deschanel Cancels Lawsuit Over $2 Million Shoe Endorsement Deal bit.ly/x0O5fv

Patents By The Numbers: Average Wait Time Is Down, But Trolls Cost Us $80 Billion A Year bit.ly/yQMu7S

Twitter to censor tweets in individual countries bit.ly/x30zxi

U.S. lawmakers press Google on privacy policy changes bit.ly/zByYQc

Op ed | If you worry about online privacy, pay attention to this debate bit.ly/xDoUXg

Intel buys RealNetworks’ patents and video coding tech bbc.in/w4tvVJ

Will we see this in Ontario? | Sell beer and wine in B.C. supermarkets, groups say bit.ly/wPALc1

Feds say senior Google execs knew about illicit pharma ads bit.ly/wBf97n

Lawyers, about those wordy disclaimers at the end of your emails. Are they serving a legal purpose? on.wsj.com/wrKl3W via @WSJLawBlog

Hacker group Anonymous targets Mexican websites reut.rs/yr8Jy5

Selling used iTunes tracks? ReDigi insists it’s legal bit.ly/A4nUj2

Apple uses ‘slide to unlock’ patent in lawsuit against Galaxy Nexus cnet.co/A6ahP6

Twitter uncloaks a year’s worth of DMCA takedown notices, 4,410 in all bit.ly/zTtKIB

What’s in a name? Evidently plenty when it comes to wine bit.ly/zJGE0j

Take that, Apple. Dutch court cool with Samsung Tab design cnet.co/zLKFbR

Nokia fined in Australia for spam-texting its own customers bit.ly/Ao7tBm

Call for cyberwar ‘peacekeepers’ force http://bbc.in/zm2D57

The Intersection between Asian New Year and Wine Sales | Wine Sellers Aim High Ahead of Chinese New Year on.wsj.com/zfGoLk

Facebook wants Ceglia to pick up $84,000 in legal fees cnet.co/xJAr8R

Judge blasts “unlawful invasions of privacy” by “rogue” P2P attorney bit.ly/yDyhol

Apple, Google under scrutiny over no-poaching charges cnet.co/xBflgP

Facebook files lawsuit against ‘likejacking’ spammers bit.ly/wr1zaI

Privacy commissioner aims to curb risky web behaviour bit.ly/zVVCK4

LCBO employee fired over massive fraud allegations bit.ly/z5dK12

iBooks Author EULA restrictions invite antitrust concerns bit.ly/xpI84W

U.S. government invalidates potent Rambus patent reut.rs/AqfhUF

Hawaii’s proposed online tracking law comes under fire from ISPs, civil libertarians engt.co/wT42Qv

Rogers uses charter claim to fight truth-in-advertising law bit.ly/xdM0oM

Here’s how to find out what Google knows about you bit.ly/xUGNyH

When is a Trade Secret Not a Trade Secret? When it is Revealed at a European Parliament Exhibition bit.ly/zhnI9v

Google Rankles Regulators, Advocates Anew With Changes to Privacy Policies bloom.bg/x5pnxD

Should the Fifth Amendment Cover Your Encrypted Data? ti.me/A0Q66A

Google’s Privacy Policy Changes to Be Assessed in Probe by Irish Agency bloom.bg/wZf1Vj

Advertisers to police themselves when targeting online users bit.ly/zTzVVG

Wireless patent wars | Motorola sues Apple for patent infringement natpo.st/AEvpFN

Dutch Court Refuses to Ban Sales of Samsung Tablet ti.me/w2yZEG

Trend? | Starbucks Canada contemplating adding wine & beer after same offering in the US bit.ly/xtvea3

You’re not as anonymous online as you think, privacy czar warns bit.ly/Ar0iVw

The Right to Be Forgotten: Europe Proposes New Online Privacy Law ti.me/zhan9R

Intellectual property news on Dow, Gevo, Google, EA, Louboutin, Kohler, Dotcom bloom.bg/yya65y

Unmasking A Digital Pirate On Amazon bit.ly/ww2CtW

Cameras May Open Up the Board Room to Hackers nyti.ms/wmiyQP

Big pharma companies may beat patent cliff. New drugs to bring in revenue on.barrons.com/yqUz1t via @CI_Legal

Hackers Breached Railway Network, Disrupted Service bit.ly/ygd2qg

Infographic: Smartphone Patent Wars Explained bit.ly/AeDCeT

IP News on Medicines Co., Perrigo, Lauder, Queen of Tarts bloom.bg/AvVFBN

Patent bubble finally bursts bit.ly/w1vmtO

Louboutin Seeks to Overturn Ruling on Yves Saint Laurent’s Red-Soled Shoes bloom.bg/zaAAEW

Antipiracy Case Sends Shivers Through Some Legitimate Storage Sites nyti.ms/zDfPy2

Megaupload’s Dotcom Seen as Flight Risk bloom.bg/xIHyfp

Google to unify privacy policy across products bit.ly/z4gx16

Bartenders petition to protest proposed Mexican tequila regs bit.ly/y0WS9T

Canada | Cupcake Bakeries Duke it Out over QUEEN OF TARTS Trade-mark bit.ly/zhEFSp

Patent firm Wi-LAN sues Research In Motion bit.ly/zrVrBc

Mega Brands withdraws Lego lawsuit bit.ly/zSYmnE

Apple Ramps Up The Patent War With Samsung ‘Slide-To-Unlock’ onforb.es/AAYDPv via @ForbesTech

Why the US Gov. closed Megaupload arst.ch/s6t via @arstechnica via@PatrickSumm

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: coffee shop TM dispute offers an important lesson in brand protection bit.ly/vZuuG9

DC Entertainment reveals new identity ow.ly/8zX1F via @designtaxi

Anonymous launches massive hack attack against US Justice Dept, MPAA, RIAA, others after MegaUpload shut down bit.ly/A9ECRy

Beer industry trend: beer companies who brew without owning the brewery | The New Beer-Makers bit.ly/zoAzGd via @haddadfrank


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