IP Address Blog Updates for January 31, 2012

Twitter Lawyer Responds to Censorship Controversy http://on.wsj.com/w6CCEH

U of T and UWO sign license agreement with Access Copyright bit.ly/wk19DK

LinkedIn “alert” shows users still on edge about privacy reut.rs/xGyjuL

Zynga Accused Of Ripping Off Another Competitor’s Game tcrn.ch/z85ztr

Hackers put hijacked Web views up for sale for webfraud bit.ly/zo9lKP

Obama wants Hollywood, Silicon Valley to ‘come together’ on SOPA cnet.co/wWLATL

SOPA support gets UFC president hacked cnet.co/x0T4jo

.ca | Circumflex.ca coming soon: French accents to be allowed on domain names bit.ly/yHZwDg

US | New Mobile-Phone Privacy Law Proposed bit.ly/z6DZHA

US | Supremes to Congress: Bring privacy law into 21st century cnet.co/w34tBj

Apple engineers: Work on fake gear, earn company trust? cnet.co/yVrxsv

Verizon to cybersquatters: Get off our Verizon-like domains cnet.co/AcweQp

Hacker’s Demo Shows How Easily Credit Cards Can Be Read Through Clothes And Wallets onforb.es/zd1LD9

Microsoft, Google push new plan to combat e-mail scams bit.ly/AcqPeB

Megaupload user data could be deleted by Thursday bit.ly/ychrdU


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