IP Address Blog Updates for February 1, 2012

Canada | Chief Justice muses about the impact of Twitter, Facebook on Canadian justice http://bit.ly/yJkXN6

Target settles Canadian trade-mark lawsuit; has right to use TARGET TM n Canada bit.ly/xq3yao via @globeandmail @MarinaStrauss

Samsung Fails to Overturn Apple’s German Ban on Sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 bloom.bg/wfevTN

Facebook Lawyers Seek a ‘Stratospheric’ Fee, Says Man Suing Over Ownership bloom.bg/yftb1J

Pernod Ricard reviving absinthe with new campaign ow.ly/8Nryu via @booze_news

Google Defends New Privacy Policy on.wsj.com/A1GIg4 (subscription required)

Analysis: Patent plaintiffs target Facebook as IPO approaches reut.rs/yMANIt

Personal Data’s Value? Facebook Set to Find Out nyti.ms/zUKxS3

Hackers target law firms to search for deal data bloom.bg/w8MAFD

EU probes Samsung over mobile patents

Barnes & Noble defense narrows against Microsoft patent claims cnet.co/xzymdZ

Hawaiian Internet-dossier bill is dead… for now cnet.co/wC8ble

Hackers Attack Large Brazilian Bank ti.me/xnlXCX

Fake Windows updater targets government contractors, stealing sensitive data bit.ly/zN60IZ

Breaking w/ precedent, .ca panel finds registered TM rights acquired on Canadian application filing date in twenga.ca: bit.ly/w0YIO9


DEBATE: Should Canada Elect its Judges? Wed., Feb. 8 at 7 PM in the Hart House Debates Room conta.cc/yFZaa1 via @HartHouse


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