IP Address Blog Updates for February 6, 2012

Last chance to register for OBA Institute IT Law for All: key IP law topics geared to generalist & in-house lawyers http://bit.ly/xMKQrU

Microsoft withdraws one patent claim against Barnes & Noble http://cnet.co/AdSif6

Anonymous hacks lawyers for Marine accused of Iraq massacre cnet.co/yivSwI

RIM should remain Canadian: Harper natpo.st/AkDl2B

How to identify fake Facebook accounts cnet.co/xJY92x

iPhone patent wars: What’s going on in Germany? bit.ly/wbZgKS

EFF ready to sue if “innocent customers” can’t get Megaupload data back bit.ly/wgHLRp

Explained: Apple’s not-so-secret favorite patent argument cnet.co/AquO6O

Apple wants to wed handhelds to gym equipment cnet.co/wEr634

Citi Hit in Brazilian Hacker Attack on.wsj.com/xGO1Fo (subscription required)

Cold War 2.0: East and West divide on digital rights bit.ly/wNZbnk

Anonymous penetrates FBI, Scotland Yard investigation of hacker group bit.ly/wgq6d3

Austrian Law Student Faces Down Facebook nyti.ms/A5BZnQ

E.U. Presses Google to Delay Privacy Policy Changes nyti.ms/yPBMKt

A New Question of Internet Freedom nyti.ms/AihqEw

Apple updates iBooks Author license, clarifies sales restrictions macw.us/wy3rwn

Apple Kicks Chart Topping Fakes Out Of App Store tcrn.ch/ybJdwR

Apple TEMPORARILY removed products from German online store due to Motorola injunction based on FRAND patent bit.ly/AwISNq

Super Bowl super bust: US seizes 307 websites; grabs $4.8M in fake NFL merchandise bit.ly/AijtEJ

Getty, Corbis File Amicus Brief in Cariou v. Prince bit.ly/yLPEGh

Why most Super Bowl ads get stopped at the Canadian border bit.ly/xlbE8e

Through a glass, smartly: Beer today, but not gone tomorrow bit.ly/wAWWa6

Ex-girlfriend suing Drake over song royalties bit.ly/xvAVwu

Composer sues to keep Newt Gingrich from using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ bit.ly/zK9Dpm

Sister Sledge Files Class Action Against Warner Music Over Digital Royalties bit.ly/xiyKJw

California woman wins against Honda over misleading fuel economy claims bit.ly/xl9GCf

EU high court tries to avert Viagra-Viaguara confusion usat.ly/zrm44j


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