IP Address Blog Updates for February 7, 2012

Game makers face uphill battle proving copyright infringement in court http://bit.ly/zb0xuG

European activists meet with Facebook to discuss privacy concerns cnet.co/zKRGUz

Brazil sues Twitter users over speed trap and traffic tweets cnet.co/yWKnql

Hackers wanted $50,000 to keep Symantec source code private cnet.co/A3TuVK

Evolving Android Malware Shows How Evil Apps Will Evade Google’s Scans onforb.es/A2qhXq

Honeywell Files Patent Lawsuit Against Smart Thermostat Developer Nest tcrn.ch/ynRXS4

Sloan-Kettering Chief Is Accused of Taking Research nyti.ms/w5gTAX

Google’s ‘Bouncer’ to 86 malware in Android store bit.ly/wZwNFg

Motorola Seeks Slice of iPhone, iPad Sales on.wsj.com/AFr7fy

Smartphones killing demand for point-and-shoot cameras bit.ly/xpFhez

Employee or Employer: Who Owns the Twitter Followers? http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/02/who-owns-twitter-followers/

ITC lawyers argue that Barnes & Noble didn’t infringe Microsoft’s patents http://t.co/IRHpBbHf

Ontario | Lawyer warns about charges for tweeting RIDE stops bit.ly/Ah6cga

Oracle seeks new trial against SAP over downloads reut.rs/ztDZei

Steve Jobs fans irate over Apple founder Jobs look-alike promoting Android-based tablet in Taiwanese commercial bit.ly/z7BIlq

‘Fake citizens’ ceremony plan might have violated privacy of new Canadians bit.ly/ycKr9N


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