IP Address Blog Updates for February 21, 2012

Gucci Trademark Infringement Suit Against Guess? Moves Forward http://bit.ly/yRm4yK

Trademarks Take On New Importance in Internet Era nyti.ms/zCkGco

Pinterest addresses copyright issues with opt-out option cnet.co/wvO3tK

Feds Seize $50 Million in Megaupload Assets, Lodge New Charges bit.ly/wM30ri

Intersection between intellectual property disputes & market share | Apple’s legal woes in China offer hope to rivals reut.rs/z6s7A0

Alert on Hacker Power Play on.wsj.com/xcX7fD (subscription required)

Senate cybersecurity bill leaves Internet alone, exempts tech companies from oversight bit.ly/yQLfFY

Microsoft denounces Google for bypassing Safari privacy settings cnet.co/xoznsG

Student Facebook hacker gets eight months cnet.co/wMSsi0

EU court: Social networks can’t be forced to monitor users cnet.co/yF4TDM

Molson Coors’ profit tops Wall St view bit.ly/AFsKJn

Zynga Debuts First Licensed Game, Partners With Slingo For Bingo-Meets-Slots Facebook Title tcrn.ch/vZA25g

FTC Finds Privacy Problems In Children’s Apps, But Suggested Changes Will Impact All tcrn.ch/ygy3uz

ITC hands Apple another patent win against HTC bit.ly/zBHfwQ

FTC dropped security requirements from contract for sites hit by Anonymous bit.ly/yVgBxS

Patent license dispute | Apple Files Competition Claim Against Motorola Mobility With EU Authority bloom.bg/wCSbLy

How Canada’s NFB Became One Of The World’s Hippest Digital Content Hubs bit.ly/ydpHvX

New Charges Against Megaupload on.wsj.com/zuySyt (subscription required)

Lawmakers Target Google’s Tracking on.wsj.com/Avg8vX

Copyright Cheats Face the Music in France nyti.ms/zj1Y7P

Price of the iPad Name: $55,000 to $2 Billion on.wsj.com/wLGwIa (subscription required)

F.T.C. Tells Consumer Watchdog to Mind Its Own Business nyti.ms/wjulDN

The power of licensing | The Force: Star Wars Franchise Worth Over $30 Billion and Growing bit.ly/xrx6yf

Canada | Anonymous targets Toews over ‘lawful access’ bill bit.ly/xV1iLE

More celebrity booze: Drew Barrymore to release wine bit.ly/wzFQd5

Lower China court rules against Apple in iPad trademark row bit.ly/z7CpYr

The Global Patent Wars: why do the billion dollar legal battles of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google matter? bit.ly/AoWJtP

California burger chain fights intellectual property theft in China bit.ly/yYbxnm

A brief history of hooch in Toronto, from 1837 to the present day bit.ly/Avg8bu

Google takes heat after shady tracking policies revealed huff.to/yYM16j

Overhauled liquor laws trip up Vancouver film centre bit.ly/AwMss0

FBI seeks social media monitoring tool bit.ly/xAw1vq

Spider-Man, Pfizer-Sanofi, Apple: Intellectual Property – BusinessWeek | @scoopit bit.ly/A6X3n8

New Facebook Policy on Made-Up Names Lets Gaga be Gaga nyti.ms/w21XQ8

Settling the Canadian TM dispute probably facilitated this | Target to open Toronto pop-up store Feb. 23 natpo.st/xZlVEl

Crackdown, seizure of iPads spreads to more Chinese cities bit.ly/AsXMcR

China’s hard choice: iPad jobs, or iPad trademark bit.ly/yVad0g

Netflix pays $9 million to settle privacy violation lawsuit cnet.co/x2H9zp

Unwanted telemarketers still calling? Complain more, says CRTC bit.ly/ydmfEE

Apple Tightens Rules on IPhone Applications That Access Users’ Addresses bloom.bg/wlYn4N

Facing a backlash, Ottawa moves to retool cybercrime bill bit.ly/wcoLiU

The importance of clearing your trademark in foreign markets! | Rude wine name offends Cantonese bit.ly/y8exL3

U.S. Congress contacts Apple on info-stealing apps bit.ly/yyRRlC

Apple Asks for Court Approval to Sue Bankrupt Kodak in N.Y. Over Patents bloom.bg/ymLG51

Ceglia ordered to pay Facebook more than $75,000 in legal fees cnet.co/xEbRXi

Patent wars | Motorola is the ammo Google needs bit.ly/zJQbWL

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts and Pseudonyms tcrn.ch/AoGpg0

Kenny Rogers Gambles on Digital Music Royalties Lawsuit bit.ly/w0YhHD

Code from slain spam botnet recycled to steal passwords bit.ly/A2fJjq

Intellectual property news on Proview, Sazerac, Mecca Cola, GM bloom.bg/wHCwi9

Anti-counterfeiting advance | Gadget to detect fake alcohol invented bit.ly/wVoXiy

FCC Adopts New Rules Against ‘Robocalls’ ti.me/AmNrzo

Trade secrets & finance | UBS Claims Two Ex-Advisers Took Customer Data to Wells Fargo bloom.bg/w2Nhdw

The importance of brand management in social media | Got a consumer complaint? Post it on Facebook bit.ly/xqZILE

Criminals Exploit Stolen Customer Data From Stratfor nyti.ms/xauhlZ

Nortel turned to RCMP about cyber hacking in 2004, ex-employee says bit.ly/xpTpqq

Publishers Score Win in International Piracy Battle: bit.ly/yiepLh


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