IP Address Blog Updates for February 22, 2012

Google buys patents of defunct search engine Cuil http://ti.me/zzcVSC

Pirate Bay ruled to infringe copyright, could be blocked in UK bit.ly/wWRnKz

How Patent Battles Threaten the Simple Act of Unlocking a Phone bit.ly/xhUx2C

Spam continues to dip but malware marches merrily on cnet.co/yBjC5Z

Google now facing class-action suit over Safari cookie circumvention bit.ly/wjRmbh

The iPad trademark follies: Apple legal strikes back bit.ly/wfH6b1

Legal claims can be served via Facebook, says British judge bit.ly/yp2NgO

Why Anonymous is Winning Its War on Internet Infrastructure onforb.es/xugCD1

How the European Internet Rose Up Against ACTA bit.ly/AoWc7c

Megaupload founder granted bail in NZ bit.ly/AqJufm

Godfather Author Mario Puzo’s Estate Sued by Paramount in Copyright Action bloom.bg/zvb9Lc

CIA tells software vendors it plans to change how it licenses software reut.rs/xRazAi

Brew Exchange: Beer on the trading floor bit.ly/xQjhZJ

Supreme Court won’t hear Hynix appeal on Rambus reut.rs/AuWHt6

Fake Pokemon app becomes Apple App Store bestseller cnnmon.ie/zHPXdp

Google files for patent on Siri-like TV user interface cnet.co/xTcps1

Jameson whiskey global sales up 25% bit.ly/yHu9QD


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