IP Address Blog Updates for February 23, 2012

A very Canadian lawsuit | Canada Goose, maker of the iconic parka, sues International Clothiers for trade-mark infringement http://bit.ly/zyjsnl

Corrected link | White House unveils ‘bill of rights’ to protect online privacy bit.ly/xr0Ma1

Apple can sell iPads in Shanghai, court says bit.ly/xMlleD

Wine marketing | If the wine is hard to pronounce, is it worth more? bit.ly/wEvfOq

How pop up shops can drive a brand | Target teaser braces for Jason Wu chaos on King bit.ly/Ao6DW0

Apple’s iPhone voice mail the target of another patent suit cnet.co/yJx3Hj

Google patent idea hints at mobile, desktop convergence cnet.co/yYtsC2

EU pauses push for ACTA anti-piracy treaty bit.ly/wkxBCR

FCC chairman calls on ISPs to help fight cyber attacks cnet.co/yc20jZ

Apple Defends Rights to iPad Name in Shanghai Court nyti.ms/zSho4i

Will Apple use new MacBook Air patent to hurt ultrabook makers?cnet.co/wziYNj

Wapple Wins Trademark Battle Over Apple tcrn.ch/zZyRsf

Consumer group files FTC complaint against Google cnet.co/A0RPwV

Microsoft demands EU competition action on Motorola patent fight bit.ly/xNRE3S

Scared of Anonymous? NSA chief says you should be cnet.co/zwTD2k

Mattel Wins Dismissal of MGA Entertainment’s $1 Billion Antitrust Lawsuit bloom.bg/x4eSyz

Apple, Google and Others in Agreement on App Privacy nyti.ms/x5hTlU

Facebook: Ceglia concealed ‘getzuck’ e-mail account cnet.co/wVz24J

Burlington is Canada’s riskiest city for cybercrime bit.ly/wu3loY


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