IP Address Blog Updates for February 28, 2012

Tim Hortons franchisees lose $2-billion lawsuit http://natpo.st/AzJQRM

A Swedish Company Claims It Owns A Swipe Patent Used By Apple tcrn.ch/Aafs1A

US | Cyber Intrusions Into Air Force Computers Take Weeks to Detect bit.ly/z2O7Q8

Google, Apple sued over Street View technology cnet.co/xdbNU0

Leaked Audit in Eminem Royalty Suit Highlights Huge Stakes for Record Industry bit.ly/zeR6am

EPIC Isn’t Taking “No” For An Answer, Files Emergency Appeal In Google Privacy Case tcrn.ch/xOTSpv

What Pharma Can Learn From the Railroads and IBM tcrn.ch/wyANFU

Motorola loses in German court on iPhone sales injunction bit.ly/w684TQ

Yahoo Warns Facebook of a Potential Patent Fight nyti.ms/yJ4it1

Advertising that reaches out and touches bit.ly/xQkqye

Counterfeit Nikon filters on the loose cnet.co/y5gzeg

German ruling spells trouble for Motorola’s 3G patent lawsuits bit.ly/wc8l0q

Apple Case in Shanghai Is Suspended nyti.ms/zPZQpt

Spain asks: If Google search results make your business look bad, can you sue? bit.ly/Aw9EEV

Canada | Security breach shuts federal job bank bit.ly/AxFIBf

Facebook denies accusation it’s spying on text messages bit.ly/y58788

Lin Files to Copyright ‘Linsanity’ http://bit.ly/zYcatk

Velvet Underground Files New Complaint in Odd Banana Album Cover Case shar.es/gYaUs

Article on fake olive oil | Why the olive oil in your salad dressing may be a fraud bit.ly/yRw2oP


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