IP Address Blog Updates for February 29, 2012

Navajo Nation sues Urban Outfitters for trade-mark infringement http://on-msn.com/xgVPII

China higher court begins hearing Apple iPad appeal http://reut.rs/xgcTx1

Pinterest’s copyright concern (or how pinning a favourite photo can lead to lawsuits bit.ly/x1d3t1

Presidential candidates face patent lawsuit for using Facebook bit.ly/wZFBhN

Articles on the dispute between Madonna and Joe Francis over Girls Gone Wild song title eonli.ne/xOFQZR & bit.ly/yX3bgK

Canada | Do Not Call List faces funding crunch bit.ly/wNfyrm

Billionaire Canadian accused of running illegal gambling site bit.ly/zRdmCc

Intellectual property news on Monsanto, Apple, Koch Industries, Film Incentives bloom.bg/yE2qKG

A Lawyer Who Is Also A Photographer Just Deleted All Her Pinterest Boards Out Of Fear read.bi/xS0gNN

25 Suspected Hackers Arrested in International Raids nyti.ms/xsCbZr

Roseman: Fraud victims lose more money to emails than phone calls bit.ly/yHNOSO

Article on Twitter scoping traditional media in reporting NHL trades | Twitter scoops TV in breaking trade news bit.ly/AgFwOW

US | Opt-Out Provision Would Halt Some, but Not All, Web Tracking nyti.ms/y3iZyj

Apple Loophole Gives Developers Access to Photos nyti.ms/w9I9GJ

Interpol Site Knocked Offline Following Anonymous Arrests nyti.ms/xGGO41

Napa auction nets more than $3m, 31% increase over last year bit.ly/yBrUej

Brad Keslowski Makes NASCAR History With First In-Vehicle Tweet & Pic During A Race tcrn.ch/w5OccA

Hackers are looking at your car bit.ly/xPK41p

France Says Google Privacy Plan Likely Violates European Law nyti.ms/z9Fecl

The early bird gets the worm | Dozens Of Major Companies Failed To Secure Their Brand Names On Pinterest read.bi/zQu2y1


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