IP Address Blog Updates for March 5, 2012

International Trade Commission to review its preliminary decision whether Motorola infringed Microsoft patents http://reut.rs/wOlfTN

In a Flood Tide of Digital Data, an Ark Full of Books nyti.ms/AyDOwD

Pinterest: Trouble In Pin Paradise Over Photo Copyrights bit.ly/yEAtGE

Article on patent troll lawsuits and their possible impacts on free to play gaming apps bit.ly/xGGd6e

Software that allows businesses (e.g. alcoholic beverage companies) to attempt to age restrict Twitter followers ti.me/xDEmxi

Senator Schumer asks FTC to probe Apple, Android over alleged app privacy concerns reut.rs/Ahdvgn

NASA says was hacked 13 times last year reut.rs/wNQFrl

Kodak Seeks Court Approval to Investigate Patent Claims by Apple bloom.bg/wgH0Vw

Twitter’s data sale highlights ‘game-changing’ privacy shift in social media natpo.st/xiPv0O

Anonymous hacked? cnet.co/Au5mQT

Nexopia social network ‘breached Canadian privacy law’ natpo.st/xczJnH

Broadcom Wins Tentative Ban on Infringing Emulex Products bloom.bg/yipixk

Border attack spurs India-Bangladesh civilian hacker war bit.ly/AALfiZ

German court dismisses Apple, Samsung suits bit.ly/z8CncU

Barry Diller app sued for showing TV broadcasts on iPhone bit.ly/yhZM9n

Number of Female Patent Holders Soars in Recent Years. Top Areas Chemistry, Bio, Semiconductor: huff.to/wtr7RI


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