IP Address Blog Updates for March 7, 2012

Canada | Feds hope to spur innovation with R&D overhaul http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/technology/tech-news/feds-hope-to-spur-innovation-with-rd-overhaul/article2360508/

Will LulzSec arrests stop high-profile hacks? Don’t bet on it cnet.co/AxpuyY

Facebook Already Made Friend Finder Changes Demanded By German Court tcrn.ch/w2jqNT

Airplane Patent War: ‘Winglet’ Versus ‘Sharklet’ on.wsj.com/wlv6Br

U.S. senators: No time to lose on strengthening cybersecurity cnet.co/z7y3N6

Facebook Loses German Ruling Over Friend Finder’s Use of E-Mails bloom.bg/wiO50o

Apple Scores in Patent Fight Against Google and Motorola ti.me/xdcnpT

The Bright Side of Being Hacked nyti.ms/A5UNWo

Hacking payouts may drive up privacy damages in UK reut.rs/w4LlEJ

Lulz Security hackers arrested after one of their own turns informant bit.ly/xEzBrW

Google scraps Android Market name bit.ly/zGTEC4

U.K. ISPs lose appeal, must pay legal fees of file-sharing suspects cnet.co/zStDJB

Apple Offered Licensing Deals to Patent Foes on.wsj.com/zlXtrS (subscription required)


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