IP Address Blog Updates for March 12, 2012

Web giants’ consumer privacy strategy faces hard sell http://reut.rs/z6eDgt

Why brand meaning = critical | Nike Is Getting Slammed In Ireland For Launching This Sneaker Called The ‘Black And Tan’ read.bi/z59OCJ

Apple’s new patent for ‘iWallet’ is actually much more bit.ly/y11TC4

Burberry CEO Proves Tradition Doesn’t Prevent Innovation onforb.es/wePpPT

A Code of Conduct for Content Aggregators nyti.ms/AfLaz3

Lessons in domain name management | Hey! You Stole My Name! nyti.ms/x9EJxl

Samsung Accused by Apple of Violating Order in Patent Infringement Case bloom.bg/yS7aKw

Can a New Breed of Geolocation Apps Beat Privacy Fears to Make It Big?ti.me/zhsc1p

How Anonymous plans to use DNS as a weapon bit.ly/wLsvWS

Rush (the band) sticks it to Rush (the radio guy) natpo.st/wZ5oKe

Search engine users disapprove of data collection: survey reut.rs/xxG2Ws


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