IP Address Blog Updates for March 13, 2012

On Apr 4, join the OBA IT section for CLE on open source licensing, issues arising in tech contracts & M&A deals bit.ly/yDnitz

Do We Need a Copyright Symbol for Sharing? http://buswk.co/xSTLz9

Marvel Announces Big Digital Comics Push, But Will It Fly? bit.ly/ABd8ch

Renowned Wine Dealer Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Sell Counterfeit Wine bit.ly/ArIMgx

Update on Nortel patent auction | As Waiting Period Expires, Rockstar Consortium Is Ready To Roll With Patent Licensing tcrn.ch/we4Gzt

Yahoo Sues Facebook for Patent Infringement, Which Social Network Calls “Puzzling” (Including Filing) bit.ly/yPuaz5

Inside the Stratfor Attack nyti.ms/yLX6gu

Music industry wants more royalties from CBC bit.ly/Ajmvth

Apple, Motorola held cross-licensing talks late 2011: EU reut.rs/xXmhPG

Vikileaks case raises debate about whether divorce files should be open to public bit.ly/Adlst3


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