IP Address Blog Updates for March 19, 2012

Samsung’s Injunction Bid Against Apple Hits Setback http://on.wsj.com/AC18dm (subscription required)

Is Facebook Part of Your Estate? New Laws Debated http://ti.me/FPGaj5

Pinterest allows impersonators free rein—but for how long? http://bit.ly/zzqoHp

Are Yahoo’s patents strong enough to topple Facebook? http://bit.ly/y5xRYg

Groupon to change UK pricing and advertising practices after investigation into protection breaches http://bloom.bg/y7t4EP (via @CI_Legal)

Privacy suit filed against Path, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, other http://cnet.co/zHYJzm

Google faces new investigations over Safari tracking http://cnet.co/xohkWS

US, EU Investigate Google’s Privacy Practices http://on.wsj.com/yh4Ow9

Goldman person leaked Apple, Intel secrets: lawyer http://reut.rs/FP618S

Regulators probe Google privacy breach: report http://reut.rs/FREqRq

Ethics Fight Over Domain Names Intensifies http://nyti.ms/Aah6zR

What Would You Pay for Privacy? http://nyti.ms/zFTdGV

Microsoft says hacking code could have leaked http://reut.rs/Ah1Dc0

Canada urged to pull up its socks in Internet economy http://bit.ly/wqrIAK

MegaUpload update | Kim Dotcom Could Get Seized Property Back After Paperwork Mistake http://bit.ly/FRDlsN

Tips to protect yourself from PayPal fraud http://bit.ly/FRDlsN

More regs from Industry Canada forthcoming | CRTC publishes final anti-spam regulations http://natpo.st/FRDfkY

Canadians still wary of online shopping http://natpo.st/AjqwUA

Toronto judge blasts Ontario’s ‘antiquated’ court filing system http://bit.ly/zNDcC0

Update on Canadian copyright reform | Bill C-11 committee releases amended bill & the committee’s report http://bit.ly/xGhGqW


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