IP Address Blog Updates for March 20, 2012

Pfizer Loses Yet Another Viagra Trademark Dispute In China http://bit.ly/GA6zkG

CEO dares Microsoft to sue him over virtual desktops that flout licensing http://bit.ly/FQF0OV

German court orders Rapidshare to filter user uploads http://bit.ly/GAvbJa

Broadcom wins permanent injunction against Emulex http://reut.rs/GAvpzW

British water down Stella Artois, Becks, Budweiser, Carlsberg beer over high beer taxes http://bit.ly/wjDcFT

Survey Says Canada Tops Mobile Data Loss, 58 Percent of Organizations Lose Data Through Insecure Mobile Devices http://bit.ly/GA6q0J

Counterfeiting | How to Be Sure the Wine Matches the Label http://on.wsj.com/AyHKWi

Samsung and RIM sued for infringing lol-worthy emoticon patent http://bit.ly/GAv2Ft

Google, Apple and Nintendo hit with patent infringement suits in DC federal court over video distribution services http://bit.ly/z3PeWr

The FAA is going to look again at restrictions on using tech while in-flight http://engt.co/FRG3kg


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