IP Address Blog Updates for March 26, 2012

Google ordered to close search autocomplete feature in Japan over privacy complaint http://zite.to/H60IR4

Amid Privacy Concerns, Apple Has Started Rejecting Apps That Access UDIDs http://tcrn.ch/GNVwRa

For you photo buffs | Exhibition of Herb Ritts Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles: http://nyti.ms/GFCstZ

Guess What’s the Fastest-Adopted Gadget of the Last 50 Years http://zite.to/GJYvsl

Facebook Asserts Trademark on Word ‘Book’ in New User Agreement http://zite.to/GIRPgF

AOL Said to Hire Evercore to Find Buyer for Patent Portfolio http://zite.to/GLq05Y

Apple filed a patent application that describes a handheld device with a case made entirely of glass – http://on.mash.to/GV1Pop

Oracle’s Google Android patent lawsuit cut down to size http://zite.to/GNHrUs

Facebook buys 750 patents from IBM to shore up its defenses against Yahoo patent lawsuit http://zite.to/GUhIb3

Pinterest revises terms of service, removes right to sell your content http://zite.to/GKLwgM

Why Companies Under-Invest in “Big” Innovations http://bit.ly/GJEkOX

Why typos matter | JPMorgan sued by trader over $3 million decimal point error on job offer http://bit.ly/GQ03D0

Cheers to that! Good to see more women brewers | Brewing beer ain’t just for guys http://bit.ly/GPZbyf

What’s in a Name? Krafting the Mondelez Brand (BusinessWeek) http://lnkd.in/X-n8fx

Why Bodog’s fate suggests .ca domains are a safer harbour than .com http://bit.ly/GPPp3O

Meet The Hackers Who Sell Spies The Tools To Crack Your PC (And Get Paid Six-Figure Fees) – Forbes http://shar.es/pCEnz

Fake Android Store sprouts up in China…pushing Apple products and branding too http://tnw.to/1DkO9

WGA Fights Over Movie Rights to ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ http://j.mp/GLJ4SC

‘Hacktivists’ stole more data than fraudsters in 2011: report http://bit.ly/GGngr3

Next LES Toronto Chapter mtg is Mar 29 12 pm on “Winning Ways to Resolve Licensing Disputes”. See http://bit.ly/GDkxTG for registration

The 4 Factors That Make A Country Ideal For Innovation http://bit.ly/GCOsq7

Did You Know This Invention is Canadian? | The Walkie-Talkie http://bit.ly/GDk7xH

A cool infographic for those in the beer industry | Beer And Its History http://bit.ly/GCOChe

Why Companies Should File For Patents Now http://bit.ly/GCOHl2


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