IP Address Blog Updates for March 28, 2012

Breaking: Canada’s Trade-marks Office is now accepting sound mark applications http://t.co/G6KEG12x

Canada | Man handed harsh sentence for copyright infringement http://bit.ly/HeMWPT

How Forensics Claims Facebook Ownership Contract is ‘Forged’ http://zite.to/HeMcdu

Please join the OBA on April 11 at 12 pm for Open Source Licensing and Issues Arising in Technology & M&A Transactions http://lnkd.in/sfQR89

More Patent Legal Woes: T-Mobile Sued By OTI Over Use Of NFC in Nokia, HTC Smartphones http://zite.to/HfIbmx

Facebook Asks Judge to Dismiss 50% Ownership Lawsuit http://zite.to/HfHLN0

RapidShare Declared Legal In Court, With a Twist http://t.co/nklxIPeQ

Filene’s Basement’s Running of the Brides, other intellectual property to be put up for auction http://t.co/R4uub0hx

EXCLUSIVE: Hackers turn credit report websites against consumers http://zite.to/HfH0Dz

Righthaven stops showing up in court, fails to pay high-priced copyright lawyer http://t.co/3UHkCUGv

Copyright protection platform Myows rolls out new contract-generation and IP-detection features http://zite.to/HfGDZF

http://WhatToPin.com: Copyright and the Pinterest Cottage Industry http://zite.to/HfGu8P

Impact of Slogans on Branding http://zite.to/H7k9eE

How paid, owned, and earned are becoming one http://zite.to/H7O3eI

Google Patents Ads Based on Environmental Conditions http://zite.to/GTBAfx

Article on the laws of US wine distribution | Alert: Obscure But Important Wine Law Info http://zite.to/HfFn95

Judge to Oracle-Google: Settle this Android flap http://zite.to/Hc3fLP

Twitter and Google in censorship standoff with Brits http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/technology/tech-news/twitter-and-google-in-censorship-standoff-with-brits/article2382905/

Apple, RIM get patent trolled by remnants of Silicon Graphics http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/technology/business-technology/apple-rim-get-patent-trolled-by-remnants-of-silicon-graphics/article2383034/

Facebook’s New S-1: An ‘Unfavorable Outcome’ In The Yahoo Lawsuit ‘Could Be Material To Our Business’ http://zite.to/GUZxDj

Facebook’s patent headaches: More to come? http://t.co/YtnpOuNo

US Supreme Court Reverses Myriad Decision Allowing Gene Patents http://t.co/wgiNn0MW

Amazon settles with patent troll http://t.co/ltICBFYX

Nokia “not aware” of any Apple patents essential to its Nano SIM proposal http://t.co/777LqhLg

More Canadians choosing imported wine over beer: Report suggests http://t.co/CdyC2kcD

FTC stops short of calling for new ‘Do Not Track’ law http://t.co/JRKB3V8I

Google’s Deep Shot patent: It’s all about the screens http://t.co/LvbCIXLk


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