IP Address Blog Updates for March 29, 2012

UK | Government to probe alcohol ad rules http://zite.to/H0xZSV

Canada’s anti-spam regulations finally unveiled http://t.co/S14m5VEV

Inside AOL’s $1 Billion Patent Portfolio http://zite.to/H0xEzD

Oracle, Google patent case looks headed for court http://zite.to/H0xrML

NASA Puts Nanotechnology Swarm Patents Up for Auction http://zite.to/H0xcl1

Facebook password protection law shot down by Congress http://t.co/RuetWGXl

6 Anonymous hackers arrested by Dominican Republic Police http://zite.to/GZvbWc

Hackers face 2 year minimum sentence if draft EU law is passed http://zite.to/Hkjp3i

Copyright Infringement Will Lead ICANN Registrars to Lose Accreditation http://zite.to/HhvE5q

Commentary on how technology is changing what is considered theft | Theft’ Law in the 21st Century http://zite.to/HkiS1t

Two Florida judges reject copyright troll fishing expeditions http://zite.to/Hr3VuK

Oracle refuses slice of Android takings in patent battle http://zite.to/GXZz1W

Apple’s War on Android http://zite.to/Hr3fY6

T-Mobile Hit With NFC-Related Lawsuit Alleging Patent Violation http://zite.to/H24atQ

China tells Apple CEO: we will boost intellectual property http://zite.to/H245q6

FBI: US losing hacker war http://t.co/db9raBSi

What Were the Top Global IP Trends for 2011? http://t.co/uVTRc5Ki

Oracle rebuffs Google settlement offer http://t.co/iUgBxvCc

Licensing | Nike sues Reebok over Tim Tebow Jets jerseys in NFL lawsuit http://bit.ly/H1MEuC

Oh, That “Pull To Refresh” Thing In iOS? Yeah, Twitter Has A Patent App On That http://zite.to/GVG3C2

Twitter admits ‘unfollowing bug’ http://t.co/WAm9JQ5C

Beware of Skating on Counterfeit Ice Wines http://t.co/Pi9BGTLF

Apple’s iPad 4G advertisements may create legal stir in more countries http://t.co/mllesJjV


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