IP Address Blog Updates for March 30, 2012

Who’d a Thunk It? Tweet Seats in Theatres Run Up Against Patent Troubles http://zite.to/Hy3wFI

This 18 Year Old Tablet Design May Invalidate Apple’s iPad Design Patent [Video] http://zite.to/Hy3oWU

Legal Loop: iTunes is the Latest Victim of Patent Litigation http://zite.to/Hy3ldr

Nano-SIM standard vote postponed while RIM accuses Apple of cheating http://zite.to/HrrK6P

USPTO Head Defends New Fees, Says Patent Reform On Track http://zite.to/Hy2U2N

Defendant’s attorneys hit back at Righthaven CEO http://zite.to/Hy2PMC

Copyright Enforcement Push May Have Backfired, Expert Says http://zite.to/H3a592

Gucci Accuses Guess of Massive Design ‘Knock Off’ Scheme http://bloom.bg/HpYJZ6

Is new legislation needed to protect online privacy? http://zite.to/GZ0ASN

Steve Jobs’ IP on Display at WIPO http://zite.to/GZ0rip

The Microsoft IP tussle over Android http://zite.to/GZ0qen

iTunes is the target of a new lawsuit http://zite.to/GZ0nix

Ricky Rozay Wins the Rights to “Rick Ross” Name in Court http://zite.to/GZ0gDB

East Texas Patent Infringement Lawsuits Target Google, Yahoo!, Others Over Cloud Storage http://zite.to/GZ0f2w

Buying patents might deter innovation, says former DoJ anti-trust chief http://zite.to/GZ0bzZ

Worlds Inc. promises to go after patent infringers http://zite.to/GZ08Em

Tories target lagging innovation with funding overhaul http://zite.to/GZ05s9

Operation Global Blackout 2012 : ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Plans Internet Shut Down on 31 March? http://zite.to/GWbNET

Aviation Photography and Copyright Infringement: Taking a Stand http://zite.to/GYTEVU

Berry trademark battle is proxy for food copyright fight http://zite.to/GYZS8j

Draft Terms of Reference for the Australian Law Reform Commission Reference on Copyright http://zite.to/GYZRkM

Siri smacked with another lawsuit over ‘false’ advertising http://zite.to/GYZvdH

Pennsylvania Senate OKs direct wine shipments http://zite.to/H1pupL

Apple and Samsung could make nice in patent wars http://zite.to/H1AwIa

Apple’s Patent War Seen Leading to Retaliatory Strikes http://zite.to/GZA3cF

Google patent app details method for generating a ‘ghost profile,’ a world of anonymous G+ users http://zite.to/H1AkZk

Canadian Trade-mark Practice Roars into a New Age: Sound Marks Now Registrable in Canada http://wp.me/piqLs-kO


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