IP Address Blog Updates for April 2, 2012

Indepth article on the dispute between Apple vs. Google over Android http://buswk.co/HjNSC9

Infographic on the mobile patent wars | World (Patent) War http://buswk.co/GXg8GQ

How alcohol companies can rebrand in new markets | Gained in Translation http://buswk.co/H1Z9bH

Judge affirms vital Apple touchscreen patent in case against Motorola http://zite.to/HCuqyA

Apple patents 3D avatar app http://zite.to/HymNMP

Hackers politely deface security firm website, suggest fixes http://zite.to/HzlWFB

Judge rejects copyright trolls’ BitTorrent conspiracy theory http://zite.to/H8XYro

Facebook Considers Adding The Hate Button http://zite.to/H9bfvB

Privacy a scarce commodity in a digital world http://zite.to/HymBx3

French anti-P2P law cuts back pirating, but music sales still decline http://zite.to/Hd3zdd

CSIRO WiFi patent win http://zite.to/HymotP

Apple drops ‘thermonuclear’ patent bombshell http://zite.to/H4bKdr

Apple files for new iOS notification icon patent http://zite.to/H15inI

Patent Troll Sues Amazon, Mobile Industry Over Battery Charger http://zite.to/H7Uuye

Twitter shuts down Tweetdeck after bug reportedly gives a user access to hundreds of accounts http://zite.to/Hz6FIc

MasterCard, Visa probe possible cardholder breach http://bit.ly/HtpdsA

Geographical indications | WTO tries to revive talks on wines and spirits http://bit.ly/HryTFs (subscription required)


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