IP Address Blog Updates for April 3, 2012

“Girls Around Me” Creeper App Just Might Get People To Pay Attention To Privacy Settings http://zite.to/H3U5Af

Vibram FiveFingers shoes named in deceptive advertising lawsuit http://zite.to/HGZc9v

How Many “Jacks” Can Co-Exist in the World of Alcohol? Trademark Complainant Wants to Know http://zite.to/H9LjTD

Australian court finds Google guilty over “deceptive” search ads http://zite.to/H99S3l

Intellectual property news on Microsoft, iPad in China, Tebow, BitTorrent http://zite.to/Hkmnng

Judge’s Ruling Upholds Apple Patent, Could Jeopardize Android’s Future in the U.S. http://zite.to/HJXaCw

EU plans tougher punishment for hackers – and their bosses http://zite.to/HklXgM

After Threats, No Signs of Attack by Hackers http://nyti.ms/Hi3QHB

CRTC cracks down on 85 alleged violators of “Do Not Call, other rules http://bit.ly/H9bEAv


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