IP Address Blog Updates for April 5, 2012

Facebook Misses Ireland’s Privacy Deadline http://zite.to/I1QoM5

Court picks terms in Apple/Samsung patent case http://zite.to/Htxny9

Apple and Microsoft v. Google: patent war shifts to antitrust http://zite.to/Htx8mJ

WiFi patent oversight a harsh lesson in intellectual property protection http://zite.to/HtwXbd

Liquidmetal Technologies filing outlines its $20 million agreement with Apple http://zite.to/HCmts3

Honduras Files WTO Dispute Case Vs. Australia Over Tobacco IPR http://zite.to/HhiQN0

Innovation leadership makes US a cyber target http://zite.to/HtwCFq

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner: Facebook shows improvement but should be more proactive when introducing new features http://zite.to/HttLw2

Worried About Digital Privacy? You’re Not Alone [SURVEY] http://zite.to/Httycg

Canadian sues Facebook over alleged ‘high-handed’ and ‘reckless’ breach of privacy law http://zite.to/HZPz30

Quick on the Heels of Prometheus, a Patent Invalidity Ruling http://zite.to/HtteKz

Despite pending litigation with Viacom, YouTune reaches licensing deal with Paramount for approx. 500 movies http://bit.ly/Hlrd7V

Telephone Do Not Call List gets stop-gap funding http://bit.ly/HlqKm6


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