IP Address Blog Updates for April 9, 2012

Kodak’s Patent Portfolio Valuation May Be Slightly Below Kodak’s Own Estimates http://zite.to/HwiuxR

Sizing Up the Curious New William Eggleston Lawsuit: Can a Collector Really Stop Him From Making More Art? http://zite.to/IrfioN

Beware of Non-U.S. Intellectual Property Scams http://zite.to/Hwia20

Patent Trolls: How they stifle innovation. http://zite.to/HwhXvR

Before You Download That App, What You Need to Know About Security and Privacy http://zite.to/HqfwJO

Hack attack exposes data for 181,000 Utah benefits recipients http://zite.to/HwhDNO

Court Kicks Out Copyright Troll Who Has “No Desire To Litigate” http://zite.to/HwhtWH

Skechers Sketchy Defense For Ignoring License Terms http://zite.to/Hh9WPg

Amendments to China’s Copyright Law Finally on the Way http://zite.to/Hwho5i

MPAA Joins Google, Facebook, EFF In Repeat Infringer Copyright Battle http://zite.to/Hsj1nI

Estately claims Canadian brokerage copied its website http://zite.to/HCnXVd

Google Planning To Bid For Unique Web Domains; Other Brands Unwilling http://zite.to/I9OIyA

Brand names: Will ‘iPad’ become generic word for tablet? http://zite.to/HUKdZM

Quincy Jones Denies Copyright Infringement Claim http://zite.to/Ik0gl5

Megaupload Demands Return of Assets http://zite.to/HqKhOP

Olivia Palermo Registered a Trademark For Accessories Including Pet Clothes, Luggage and Handbags http://zite.to/HBRfUy

AOL-Microsoft Deal Shows Patent Frenzy Remains Strong http://zite.to/Hsbb9h

Microsoft’s purchase of AOL patents may be about a Google map war http://zite.to/HuqdAx

Anonymous hackers vow more attacks against China sites http://bit.ly/IBw7d9

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1-billion http://bit.ly/HBw98P

AOL raises $1.06-billion cash from sale of 800 patents to Microsoft http://bit.ly/Hw4JiF

Apple Argues That U.S. Court Block Samsung Galaxy Devices Over Patent Violations http://zite.to/Hwi3kX

Canada | Molson sues Anheuser-Busch yesterday for trade-mark infringement: http://bit.ly/HmALBO. Details forthcoming as they are made available.

New Apple patent could revolutionize product packaging design http://zite.to/IeK6c8

How To Protect Your Company From Invention Theft http://zite.to/IgAU3x

How Facebook’s Winning The War Against Yahoo, Patent By Patent http://zite.to/HmNJg5

Qualcomm, Intel give Apple code in Samsung patent trial http://zite.to/I5j0Vm

Watch Out, White Hats! European Union Moves to Criminalize ‘Hacking Tools’ http://zite.to/I5iSFl

Apple drops alert patent in Chicago litigation against Motorola http://zite.to/I1NmWg

Intellectual property news on URL Pharma, Facebook, Qualcomm, Coppola http://zite.to/IbVO4C

Yes, Google bought Motorola for the patents http://zite.to/Hk37ws

CAFC Kills Means-Plus-Function in Software Patent http://zite.to/IbVpz8

HTC gets Face Unlock patent, could stir up an internal Android legal war http://zite.to/Hm8itZ

RealNetworks completes patent sales to Intel http://zite.to/Hm8edJ

Pinterest now the third most popular social network after Facebook & Twitter http://zite.to/I9XxGL

Meet the five companies Twitter is suing for encouraging spam http://zite.to/HkLNrA

New York court revives copyright case against YouTube http://bit.ly/HhbLLI

Dolce & Gabbana launches trade-mark lawsuit against South African jewelry store Dolce & Banana http://bit.ly/I0NWrf


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