IP Address Blog Updates for April 17, 2012

Canada | Gucci wins trademark infringement case against counterfeiter http://decisions.fct-cf.gc.ca/en/2012/2012fc404/2012fc404.html

Icon Health & Fitness sues 5 popular fitness app developers for alleged patent infringement http://zite.to/InZnUq

Ferrari Patents a Mostly Conventional Hybrid System, Not KERS http://zite.to/HGem2O

Apple Wins a Major Patent Victory for the iTunes Store http://zite.to/HPILut

Update on the Australian plain cigarette packaging litigation | Australia tobacco case in court http://zite.to/HNQjcB

US Supreme Court to revisit “first-sale” copyright doctrine http://zite.to/J40biz

China’s music industry sings the blues over new copyright rules http://zite.to/HZa9VG

Revolution By The Indian Music Industry Reap Results As Banned Websites Begin Purchasing Licenses http://zite.to/HZa83Z

Stop, Thief! How To Deter People From Copying Your Blog Content http://zite.to/HYMHIa

Simpsons’ Beer ‘Duff’ Trademark Sought by German Brewer http://zite.to/HZ9cfV

Follow the money | Facebook Has Been Sued Five Times For Patent Infringement In Two Months Since Filing For Its IPO http://zite.to/IDJNUH

Ohio man charged with Anonymous-sponsored attacks on police websites http://zite.to/IsZPCX

Patent wars plague Internet Age http://zite.to/HEWUqF

21 Per Cent of US Patents Relate to Mobile http://zite.to/HEWQqT

Oracle v Google could clear way for copyright on languages, APIs http://zite.to/HEWMHE

Article One Partners Unveils Survey Results From IP Patent Litigation Study http://zite.to/HPG5gh

Google faces fine for bypassing Apple’s Safari privacy settings http://zite.to/HPHIIo

Why a U.S. ruling could upend the smartphone patent wars http://bit.ly/HXUFkI

More consolidation in the beer industry | Molson Coors buys StarBev for $3.5 billion USD http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/04/03/molson-coors-starbev-deal_n_1399061.html

Brand battle | The Battle for a Comic-Book Empire That Archie Built http://nyti.ms/HWW6fd

Alberta ct grants damages for misappropriation of non-celebrity’s personality: Hay v. Platinum Equities, 2012 ABQB 204 http://bit.ly/HIts7y

Canada Post launches copyright infringement action over postal code database http://bit.ly/HGlv1U

Toronto’s craft brew scene hops to life http://bit.ly/IaP892

Canada | Producer Robert Lantos sues new owner of Alliance Films over film rights sale http://bit.ly/HGjoLi

Licensing dispute between Nike & Reebok ends wth Reebok pulling Tim Tebow jerseys http://bit.ly/Ior7Z7

Sports promotors are pursuing bar owners who don’t pay up for pay TV | Beer, a Fight, and $32,500, Please http://buswk.co/I7gyfU

Microsoft wins injunction in Washington against Motorola, can keep selling stuff in Germany http://zite.to/IJcgOt

As Germany Becomes Europe’s East Texas, Microsoft Moves Its Distribution Center http://zite.to/Ixd0Td

German court might ban iPhone and iPad again within a few months — same Moto patent as last time http://zite.to/IJbMbp

Federal IP Report Links Patents, Trademarks, and U.S. Economy http://zite.to/IJaX2b

Copyright Royalty Board To Set Mechanical Royalty Rates For Digital Music Services http://zite.to/IB0yp8

Social Media Users Routinely Ignore Copyright Laws http://zite.to/IJ9Uzn

Battle over copyright to James Joyce’s works http://zite.to/HHNnzC

iiNet Copyright Decision Imminent http://zite.to/IJ9zwz

Apple loses bid to restore push email to iCloud users in Germany http://zite.to/IMKgoL

Break the silence over fakes http://zite.to/HDrFyJ

Students force Facebook to cough up more user data http://zite.to/HuV8IP

Apple Permitted By Judge To Intervene In Lodsys Lawsuit http://zite.to/J55E89

Honeywell accuses Nest of thermostat patent infringement http://zite.to/J55hdG

Coalition targets CBC’s free music site http://bit.ly/HEtzgu

Apple, BlackBerry maker accused of swiping the swipe http://bit.ly/J0LQ5L

Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear appeal of rejected certification mark application seeking to register HALLOUMI for cheese


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