IP Address Blog Updates for April 19, 2012

What Your Will Should Say About Your Digital Assets http://ow.ly/al81C via @DanPinnington

Apple Wins Patents for Motion Tracking User Interface, Future Magic Mouse Advancements & More http://zite.to/IkTrP1

Warner Bros. Wins Big Superman Ruling, Can Use Key Documents http://zite.to/HPgzbo

Nintendo receives patent for handheld console and software emulation http://zite.to/J9J4AC

China’s music industry sings the blues over new copyright rules

Silent magician Teller files copyright suit over “stolen” shadow trick http://zite.to/HQlfZU

Court Slams Ethics Of Warner Bros Rival In Superman Copyright Case http://zite.to/HQkTCC

Final notice issued for first time under new copyright law http://zite.to/HQkEaC

Ubisoft sued over Assassin’s Creed copyright infringement http://zite.to/HQkzUr

Ellison, Page both take the stand as Google argues “Java language is free and open” http://zite.to/Ikrff5

Twitter’s Patents Manifesto http://zite.to/HMWj5h

CBC won’t alter online music service in face of complaints from rivals http://bit.ly/IWq5u7

Vringo’s Patent Suit To Become A Multimillion-Dollar Bout Between Google And Mark Cuban http://bit.ly/IZdCUm

Apple, Samsung agree to talk settlement in patent war http://bit.ly/JC4TUf

Update on the JAVA litigation between Oracle & Google | Oracle points to Google’s internal e-mails in patent case http://bit.ly/Jztfy5


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