IP Address Blog Updates for April 20, 2012

10 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property http://zite.to/HPZyZt

Motorola under pressure in Germany from Microsoft patent on event architecture http://zite.to/HWkyzW

Slide decks from both parties layout the evidence | Oracle Vs. Google: Tour The Evidence http://zite.to/Jb5SyG

Intellectual Property | Facebook, Nestle, Greg Norman, Fiat http://zite.to/JrZD93

AOL patents: Facebook lost to Microsoft on price – The Times of India http://zite.to/HXwscR

Google patent application keeps track of your moves to automate mobile actions http://zite.to/HXzgud

Beer brand banned over dirty name on label http://zite.to/HXvJIX

Wine marketing | Licensees should have the opportunity to accept or reject each third party wine order http://zite.to/HXvhu9

Survey: Social Media Evidence Soaring in Court Cases http://zite.to/I9rBmr

Australia | Hollywood studios lose landmark download case http://zite.to/HXUk1y

Sony patent application aims to put names to faceless MMO players, organize real-world meetups http://zite.to/I9jo1i

Is Chevy Launching SS Sub-Brand? Does Autoblog Know that Trademarks and Patents are Two Different Things? http://zite.to/I9jiHf

Facebook bid on AOL patent portfolio before Microsoft acquisition http://zite.to/I9jd6d

Apple Files Patent for Shanghai’s Apple Store Glass Panel Design http://zite.to/I9jaY9

Privacy injunctions should be served on Google, Twitter and others, says UK Attorney General http://zite.to/JOvihE

Get rid of ‘digital handcuffs’, says European Commission vice-president http://zite.to/I9iS3D

Samsung asserts eight more patents against Apple in California, including two FRAND patents http://zite.to/HY6o2R

RIM patent application describes rotating keypad that can be used in more than one position http://zite.to/I9iIsQ

Apple, tech firms, in crosshairs of another antitrust lawsuit http://bit.ly/I9wwHc

Louis Vuitton wins ITC trademark battle v. Chinese counterfeiters http://bit.ly/IYoPFE

Oracle probes Google engineer about key email http://bit.ly/HWX53m


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