IP Address Blog Updates for April 23, 2012

China | Draft Internet copyright regulations invite public feedback http://zite.to/I4sjb7

Apple out to patent curved glass panels used in Shanghai Retail Store http://zite.to/HWm3zW

Motorola told judge its $4 billion royalty demand from Microsoft ‘was in fact reasonable RAND’ http://zite.to/I4rHCl

N.J. AT&T lab receives patent for self-destructing ‘Mission: Impossible’ e-mails http://zite.to/I4rFu8

Oracle Java patent rises like Phoenix from the ashes, can still be asserted at trial http://zite.to/I4rrmR

Frustrations Show At Slow Progress On Protection Of Traditional Knowledge at WIPO http://zite.to/I4roYb

Intellectual Property Debate: Artists Turn Against Pirate Party http://zite.to/HVqnR5

Kenyan High Court’s Overturning Of Anti-Counterfeit Law Hailed http://zite.to/I4qLOl

Google Acquires Unisys Patents, Including a Java API Patent http://zite.to/HWzI6k

Severe attacks against corporate computers increasing – report http://zite.to/I4q47A

Cybersecurity bills aim to prevent ‘digital Pearl Harbor’ http://zite.to/HVRFTM

Survey: What is the IT security professional’s biggest fear? An Anonymous attack. http://zite.to/I9r1pw

Intellectual Property news on Nokia, Harley-Davidson, Disney, Google: http://zite.to/I4pFSE

Justin.tv, UFC Settle Copyright Lawsuit http://zite.to/I4pw1o

Megaupload Copyright Case Could Hinge On Legal Technicality: Report http://zite.to/I4puGV

Is the Mobile Patent War Finally Coming to an End? http://zite.to/I4oXop

YouTube dealt copyright blow in German court http://zite.to/I4oOkP

Can APIs be Copyrighted? http://zite.to/HVQLqo

iiNet’s Hollywood ending: what does its court victory mean for copyright law? http://zite.to/I4oBhA

Article on environmental marketing claims & wine | Defining Green Wine http://zite.to/I31rbp #greenwashing

Microsoft applies for low-powered interactive second display system patent http://zite.to/JxPoQz

10 Tips for Trademark Selection http://zite.to/I8RtUC

Firm that makes tech for museum displays sues Apple over touch http://zite.to/I8R5FP

TV-based botnets? DoS attacks on your fridge? More plausible than you think http://zite.to/I2U2VG

Facebook apps rated on privacy protection http://zite.to/IgHbfX

China seeks settlement in Apple, Proview ‘iPad’ trademark case http://zite.to/I8Qt2T

Saving the game: Why preserving video games is illegal http://zite.to/I1uYRV


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