IP Address Blog Updates for April 24, 2012

Please join the LES Toronto Chapter’s April 26 World IP Day event with Ron Dimock & Don MacOdrum http://bit.ly/HIbhNh. Space is going fast!

Bing Patent May Not Only Predict Results, but Also Queries http://zite.to/INFng8

Chinese Wind Patent Case May End Up in Nation’s Highest Court http://zite.to/I8c9NC

Richemont mounts the trademark barricades http://zite.to/K4iIuQ

Intellectual Property news on Facebook, Krka, Kandi, AstraZeneca: http://zite.to/I8brQf

Samsung sues Apple yet again after court issues settlement talks (USA, South Korea) http://zite.to/I8bmfC

CIA and http://Justice.gov sites take down by UGNazi Hackers group http://zite.to/IkSjIN

Oracle Focuses on Internal Google Emails in Copyright Case – Application Development – News & Reviews http://zite.to/IkS7cp

Hilton Head golf publications resolve copyright dispute http://zite.to/IkRXC3

NSW Police in legal battle with software giant http://zite.to/I8aGXm

Do EU organic rules for wine leave glass half empty? http://zite.to/I9u8kU

Why is a Patent Troll in Luxembourg Suing U.S. Public Transit Agencies? http://zite.to/Iuz5Ta

Samsung filed its defenses against Apple’s second U.S. preliminary injunction motion http://zite.to/IObb4I

Motorola wins Xbox patents ruling, seeks to block US console imports http://zite.to/IOb09y

Corporate IT security: the threat of malware on employees’ personal smartphones | Beware Apps Bearing Unwanted Gifts http://on.wsj.com/HF7cVx

Facebook pays Microsoft $550 million for AOL patents http://reut.rs/JMF3xG


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